Monday, August 13, 2012

The Dead Woman Came For Me, Moaning Softly...

The Dead Woman Came For Me, Moaning Softly...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

"Please don't leave me!  Plea-ssssse, don't leave me!"  I cried hysterically as I watched them leave me.  They were laughing as they ran up the dirt path leading out to the street.

I began running to catch up with them.  I was a little girl, six years old, they were teenagers.  "Please come back", I begged.  They ran up to the street in the distance... leaving me in the cemetery where I was going to see dead people!

I ran until I couldn't run anymore, I fell to the ground crying.  "Please come back, I'm scared!"  My mind was racing as my eyes were looking around me frantically... all I could see around me were tombstones.  I knew a dead person was going to get me!

I caught my breath, got up and began running again to get to the street.  I could see the girls whom I admired, looked up to... now, hated.  They were standing underneath a nightlight, giggling at me.

I felt my heart lunge in my chest as I heard a noise off to the right of me... it was a dead person!  I saw a dead woman walking slowly toward me with outstretched arms!

I felt as if I was going to fall to the ground, my head was up... I began trying to get my breath breathing through my nose.  I was scared to death! I couldn't get a deep breath!

The woman had on a long, white dress.  She was moaning softly as she glided toward me.  I felt cold chills of fear on my skin... "no, no, no!"

She reached for me as I went limp.  I had fainted, fell to the rocky path.  When I came to, I was crying... I felt pain in my head.

I looked up and ... the woman in the white dress was looking down at me.  I began to scream, I couldn't stop screaming!  She reached out for me....

I woke up in a room with curtains around the bed.  "Mama, mama, please help me, mama!"   A woman in white came from the other side of the curtain.  "No, no, no!" I cried.

I began pulling the sheet off from me, slid to the floor from the bed.  I was screaming in terror trying to get away from her.   Her mouth was moving, I couldn't hear her!

I fell to my knees to the floor, began crawling underneath the curtain, the bed on the other side.  I heard voices coming in all directions....

"Help me, she's going to get me!"  I was crying, screaming.  I was so scared.  I saw a man coming toward me, became aware of his calm voice.  He was calling me by name, how did he know my name!

He kept talking to me gently... I began to calm down.  My shoulders, chest were jerking, shaking from crying, my nose was stopped up.  The man reached his arms out for me... I ran to them!  "Help me, I want my mama!"

The man's voice told me that my mama was on the way, he told me he was a doctor.  Also... that the woman in the white dress was a nurse... someone who wanted to help me.

I began to feel sleepy, the doctor laid me gently on the bed, covered me with the sheet.  "Everything is going to be alright", he said.  He rubbed my head as I fell asleep.

I heard a familiar voice, I opened my eyes.  "Mama!" I cried.  She ran to me, gathered me into her arms.  My mama held me close, I felt loved, I felt safe.  My mama would fight for me... no one would hurt me now.

Later, I found out that the girls who were babysitting me were grounded for leaving me in the cemetery, scaring me.  I had stitches where I fell onto the rocky path in the cemetery.

Oh... one of the girls had donned a long, white dress to be a dead woman.  The dead woman who glided toward me with outstretched arms, moaning softly.

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