Wednesday, August 8, 2012

To Her Last Breath...

To Her Last Breath...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

Many years ago there was a man
Who loved a woman as much as a man... can
As the years went by, life was hard, it was rough
They suffered financially, mentally, physically... it was tough

He always gave so much to his wife
Lots of money, freedom that made her a good life
Until all dwindled down to everyday bickering, fussing
They both became unhappy, each day filled with ...cussing

One day in later years, the wife choked and began to die
The husband looked on and said 'die, damn you', he began to cry
As she lay dying, it was too late to bring her back
He tried, he had changed his mind... in death, her face went slack

He began to be angry, hardened... he had to live with the decision he regretted
Since her death, he suffered mentally, he constantly fretted
The man who used to be kind, loving... turned a cold shoulder to her family whom he once loved dearly... all of them
To the ones who loved him... never really understood 'why', what happened to him

One person 'knew' what he did to his wife
It constantly ate at her, nearly ruining her life
Through the years she learned to forgive, let go
He 'knew' she .... knew, he still loved her, so....

No matter what, she couldn't bring her mother back to life
She couldn't bring peace to him, through the years he lived with strife
No peace, no ...nothing could help his mind
He chose distance between his daughter, himself... no longer could he bear her to be kind

Finally the day came that he could lay down in peace, die
Leaving the daughter with tears in her heart, all she can do now is ... cry
For the sadness that life brings, things that can't be changed
Now, all that's left is ... for the funeral to be ... arranged

One day the sun began to shine in the daughter's heart
Finally, peace of mind, acceptance of all her loved ones that life pulled apart
She can go on now ... to the day that it comes her turn to go
That she loved with her very heart each one, when she takes her last breath... this she will know

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