Thursday, September 13, 2012

Footprints In The Sand... Side By Side



Footprints in the sand... side by side
running this way, that way.. later to be washed away by the tide

A little boy, a big guy ran playing with exhilarating joy
Squealing, laughing... this big guy with his little boy

Put your toes in the water, let the waves wash over them
I'm afraid, the little boy said... I'll protect you, the big guy told him

That's what daddys are for... to protect and love
Taban, I don't have time to say goodbye... I'm being called from.. above

There are angels close by, angels to protect you until mommy comes
I meant to be here with you, to play with you my precious son

Hey... the sea gulls are calling my name... 'Tommy, come home'
Oh Taban, I don't want to leave you here all alone

A little boy stood alone on the sand
by the body of his father, a big guy.. a big man

Daddy, are you playing?  Daddy, get up, let's run and play
Come on, Daddy... the little boy doesn't know ..yet.. his daddy's gone away

The group of people who'd been watching them near by
Came as the sea gulls told Tommy with their cries

These people, the angels will watch over Taban, it's time to go
One day Taban will know you wanted to say goodbye, he'll know

That there wasn't time to, the sea gulls needed you to fly
To go home now... in peace your body lies

On that beautiful sand by the sea
The sea gulls took Tommy home, you see

They left Tommy's discarded body there, while his soul flew
Somehow he made it in time to play with Taban, somehow.. I think he 'knew'

It was time to go home, for his spirit to soar up to heaven above
leaving with his little son... all of his love

Come fly with us, Tommy... let your spirit soar with joy
The angels will protect your little boy

Come home, Tommy.. the sea gulls said
Everything will be alright in time, though for now.. your loved ones will be sad

Tommy left... looking down he could see the footprints side by side
Soon... they'd be washed out to sea... the little guy and big guy's footprints, by the evening tide

Goodbye Daddy, Goodbye Husband, Goodbye Son
Goodbye Special Person from ... everyone

Footprints in the sand, side by side
Later that evening ...they were washed away ... by the tide

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  1. That was absolutely beautiful! I could not have written it better! I think your words were perfect. They also seem to be so true. Some day Taban will know why his Daddy had to leave him on the big sandbox. Love, Ms. Nancy