Friday, September 28, 2012

Granny Gee's Going To The Fair!

Granny Gee's Going To The Fair!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

This evening we had occasion to be close to a county fair.  We got out of the pickup to go inside a store, we heard screaming behind us.  We turned around to look... there was a ferris wheel going round and round!

Screams were coming from people who were seated on it.  Skip and I grinned at each other.  We stood there to watch the different rides that were in progress.

The lights... oh, the beautiful, colored lights!  You know how I love happy colors!  I felt myself being pulled toward them... I wanted to go to the happy colors.  I wanted to be part of the 'happy' there!

Skip and I decided that we may go to the county fair.  We may eat a hotdog or two!  We also, may taste our favorite things we have loved, looked forward to each year 'to get to taste'.

I look forward to eating a sausage dog... you know, the Italian sausages cooked on the grill... along side of chopped onions, bell pepper.   Just fix me one, I'll put the mustard on it!  I am looking forward to this when we go to the State Fair, too!

Skip loves the funnel cakes... oh me!  I have to sneak up on those funnel cakes!  The white, powdered sugar gives me 'cold chills'.  If I can get past that.... I can eat alittle of the funnel cake.

I would like to try a fried milky way, or some wild/crazy food that I've never tried.  Maybe a deep-fried pickle!

I love exotic, unusual foods as long as they aren't alive, or ugly, or... pure awful!  Skip... well Skip loves 'normal' foods... he loves the 'known'.  :)))  He doesn't like change... I'm the one who loves change!

I want to hear the music as we walk along the edges of the crowds of people who will be there.  I've never like to walk in the middle of a crowd anymore than sleeping in the middle of a bed... I can't take it!  As a child I felt suffocated if forced to sleep in the middle.

Skip and I will go to the county fair to get a taste of going to the State Fair.  It'll make us look forward even more to the State Fair!  I'm excited now.  I know there's something unusual, and good waiting around the corners for me there!

 I want to feel like a child again, walk and stand there, see the happiness all around me.  I want to hear the excitement of young people as they are hurrying to ride some special ride.  I want to pretend I'm on my way to do the same!  Oh my... the excitement I can feel at this very moment!

I want to read the billboards advertising the tallest horse in the world, the shortest woman in the world, the biggest alligator in the world.

I want to walk in the flower and garden section where on the wooden fences or walls ..there are special doors attached to make one 'want to walk through them into a magical world'!

Just walk up the path, beautiful yellow, red, orange flowers on either side... and 'open' the door and step into 'another world'.  These special doors 'invite one to step inside'.

Of course, we know one 'can't go through them'... they are there to create an illusion, to 'invite one' to come into the flower garden... where a magical world exists.  A place to make one relax, to take a deep breath and ... enjoy.  To get away from the crazy world, to feel peace of mind.

I love these different gardens with their different themes.  I go from one to the other to see 'which is my favorite' garden.  I look for those special things that 'speak to me', invite me to come inside the garden.  I keep those images in my mind to look at to make me feel happy... later.

There's a huge body of water close by where one can walk on the wooden walkway, then... on a winding path through the trees.  You can stand there and watch people go by laughing, talking.  See the pretty colors of clothes, shoes... people-watch.

I want to sit by the big fountain at the State Fair, feel the spray of the water on my face.  Of course, I'm going to keep 'fluffing' my hair so, that the dampness won't flatten it!  :)))  Close by, there will be a band playing fun music... I love that!

I love to go into the big tent where lots of people are dancing... clogging!  I love to watch everyone keeping in step with the other.  I love to see their colorful clothing.  I love to watch the wide skirts flaring, showing the crinoline slips underneath.  I love to watch the dancing feet, all in sync.

The county fair... the State Fair!  I'm so looking forward to getting 'lost in that magical world', be a child again.  If you go there and see someone with the biggest, happiest smile... and she looks like me, Granny Gee... you'll know I'm there!  You might say "hello, Granny Gee!"  "Hello, Gloria!"  I might... just might... share my cotton candy with you!  My blue cotton candy on a paper cone!


  1. Oh now I really am looking forward to going to the State Fair!!! I don't like cotton candy but I love candy apples!!! I like you, love to watch the people there and I like to watch people on the rides---especially those wild rides. I won't ride them now but when my daughter was small--we rode everything we could ride that was wild! She loved it! I am a little older and wiser now so I will enjoy watching other people enjoying those rides. Don't worry--I won't forget the different foods there either! Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. I like candy apples, too! I forgot about them, ha! Ms Nancy, I don't ride the rides either. :)))