Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, McKenzie... Born September 5, 2000

Happy Birthday, McKenzie... Born September 5, 2000

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Happy Birthday to you, McKenzie.  You are my first grandchild, my only granddaughter, I love you very much.

I wanted to let you know one day that you were being thought of today.  I know one day you will find... me.  I really hope it's 'while I'm here'.... not after I'm gone.

Your Granny Gee's... (you called me Curly... I'll never forget, because of my curly hair)... door is always wide open as arms are outstretched to hug you.

I think of you and your brother, Taban every day of my life.  You are twelve, he is five years old.  I hope you both get to meet each other to know each other.

You both look like Tommy, your father.  You both have the same sunshine smile and sparkling eyes, and..... the gift of gab.

Happy Birthday, McKenzie...................



  1. She'll find you Gloria.

  2. Oh yeah she will come to you! There is one thing about it all---when she turns 18 NO ONE can stop her! I have seen families that tried to keep the kids apart from a parent or grandparent but when the kids were old enough, (18) they sought out the ones that they were kept from. Happy Birthday to you McKenzie!! Hopefully you will be able to find your Granny Gee (Curly)! Gloria I am sure you miss her. Hopefuly before too long, you will be able to see her. Love, Ms. Nancy