Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Just Wanted To Tell You About Our Day...

I Just Wanted To Tell You About Our Day...  :)))

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Today Skip and I spent the day together.  We went shopping and bought  carpet squares to lay down on the floor (not stick to the floor, but... use tape underneath the squares to hold them together).

We put them in the kitchen... when the weather is cool, it will feel nice walking on them instead of a cold floor.  The colors are warm, happy.  We will keep adding to them.  We can simply pick them up and carry them with us if we move, or want to just put them up... or move them somewhere else.  I love them... they stay flat and don't move.

Today on our trip down toward the coast... we saw a Celadon truck parked by the road in a pullover place.  I instantly became very sad, I just wanted to cry.

I worked at getting myself under control ... I was thinking of the many times seeing Tommy driving his Celadon truck.  It was very pretty inside, and out.  He was proud of his truck, loved driving it.  Taban loved his 'big daddy's truck'.

I saw a memory of little Taban standing on his daddy's lap, pretending to drive... his little precious hands turning the steering wheel, I hear in my mind the 'motor sounds' he was making.  My heart hurts so much for Taban not to grow up knowing his daddy... I really can't believe it.  Who would have thought?  Memories... I do have to stop thinking... I could 'go to pieces' too easily.....

I think Skip noticed the pain I'm sure was on my face, I felt tears as they tried to fall down my cheeks.  I began wiping them away.  Skip began talking about something funny, I began laughing until the tears were all gone.  Soon, I was alright again.

Gracious, the pain just overwhelms me so suddenly when I'm not expecting it.... you just wouldn't believe.  I think I am fine... boom!  It happens unexpectedly.  I work and work to get past it in my mind.

I think one day soon when I am alone, I am going to have to cry.  I feel that I want to, and that I can't fight it forever.  I think I'll feel better once it happens.  I dread the whole day because when I cry... I feel very bad for hours.  I try to avoid it.

That didn't ruin our day because honestly... I was alright.  We  laughed, talked 'about everything in the world'.  We walked hand in hand... we just enjoyed being together.

Later this evening we went to eat supper.  We enjoyed Chinese food at a local restaurant we frequent from time to time.  Inside was very warm colors, lots of beautiful bamboo plants... twisted, shaped into beautiful designs... the light shades were orange, yellow, red, green.  

They even have a sushi bar... my favorite being 'vegetable' sushi.  I don't like raw fish.  Skip doesn't like sushi at all.  I love the taste of the pickled ginger... to cleanse the palette, stimulate the taste buds.  I love the 'pink' color of it.

We saw alot of friends today when we were on our trip.  We enjoyed seeing Sharon, Cindy, Patrick, Joe, Mick, Nick(Paul), Vanessa.  It was so nice to laugh, talk with everyone.  I'm always very happy to see you all.  You helped our day be much nicer.  Vanessa, I just saw the back of you sitting at your desk... Skip got to talk to you.  Hello to you!  :)))

I am going to get ready for bed now.  I am ready to go to sleep... it's been a good day.  I just wanted to tell you!  Thank all of you who wrote to wish us a nice day... it meant the world to me, brought smiles to my face as I read each message.  Love, Granny Gee :)))


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  2. I am so glad that you have Skip (and your pups). I can just see you now walking hand in hand! My nephew has been gone for 8 years and I still have days I want to cry until all my fluids are gone out of my body. Then I have to remind myself he would not want me to keep on mourning for him. Just wanted to let you know I think it is OK and normal to have days that you want to just cry cry cry! You know I am always only a phone call away. Love, Ms. Nancy

  3. Sometimes it's better to cry I'm guessing, but that must be so draining too, Gee. I'm glad you have Skip and the pups to cheer you up. ♥

  4. Skip and the Pups make everything alright.... thank-you, Corinne. :)))