Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Will... If You Buy Me The Biggest Birthstone, I Will Go To Truck Driving School!

I Will, If You Buy Me The Biggest Birthstone Ring...  I Will Go To Truck Driving School!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Today we went to Walmart to pick up a few items in the grocery section.  We met up with several people we know... stood and talked for a little while.

We were talking to a man who drives a truck for a living, just as Skip has for many years...  I drove team with him for 3 years.  His wife became interested in me once she realized that... I, also, knew what it was like to drive a truck... and travel out west.

She and I talked while Skip, and our friend talked.  We talked as if we'd known each other for years.  I told her about working in a hospital for years in an office... and how Skip talked me into going to truck driving school later... to learn to drive a tractor-trailer.

At that time I was attending community college, majoring in business administration.  I still had a few months to go... but, dropped out to go to truck driving school there... at the same community college.

I remember telling Skip I would do that if he'd buy me the biggest birthstone he could find.  Well, Skip did!  He found me a huge amethyst stone set in a beautiful, heavy gold ring with 8 diamonds, 4 on either side of the amethyst.

I happened to have it on, but... forgot as I told her about it, I was thinking I didn't have it on.  I told her I'd show it to her but, I didn't have it on.... then, I remembered, and held my hand up to show her.

She loved my beautiful ring and wanted her husband to see it, know the story behind it.  Everyone who sees my rings love them, always comment on them.  They are absolutely beautiful.

All of my rings have stories behind them... special stories, heart-touching stories.  I treasure my rings.  I've had most of them since 1983, they are as beautiful now... as then.  Skip bought all my beautiful rings throughout time... I have one that is most special, also... I'll write about it later.  It has to do with surviving cancer, and making it through surgery... I lived.

My amethyst birthstone is of the deepest purple... I see love when I look at it, my heart feels love when I touch it.  I love my birthstone ring that Skip got for me in  1995... that's when Tommy also, began to drive a tractor trailer for the first time.  We all had dreams of meeting each other out west... guess what?  They came true!

We used to pull up in a truck stop, see Tommy's big truck, my heart would swell with such happiness.  We could be in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado, Utah, Nevada... just any state in the USA!  We traveled in every state almost...

Can you imagine how excited I was to see Tommy's big truck in a truck stop, or him to see our big truck in a truck stop... so far from home?  It meant the world to us!

Can you see what memories my special birthstone ring can conjur up?  So many memories triggered by one special ring....

I will, if you buy me the biggest birthstone ring!  I will go to truck driving school!  :)))

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  1. You and my daughter are a trip!!! You drove a big truck and my daughter drove a school bus! Can't you just see some 80 lb woman driving a big school bus! I am proud of you both! The two of you can do just about anything you put your minds to! Love, Ms. Nancy