Sunday, September 30, 2012

If You Bite A Doughnut....

If You Bite A Doughnut.........

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Mmmm-mmmmmm, these doughnuts are so good!  Skip stood at the kitchen counter eating a doughnut.  He was dipping it in his coffee!

Watching Skip eat his doughnut made me want one... but, I had to wait.  You see... I did something yesterday that would 'happen this morning while Skip was eating his doughnuts'....

Skip loves doughnuts... he is the person whom doughnuts are made for.  He appreciates the very texture... he bakes so, he can tell you if they are overproofed, undercooked.

If the doughnut has a slight taste of alcohol... it's overproofed. This means that the yeast has converted to alcohol in the dough!  It isn't supposed to do that.

The oil has to be the proper temperature, not too hot or too 'cold'.  When you drop a doughnut in the oil, you watch for the rapid rise of the doughnut.  The doughnut will immediately float... that means the temperature of the oil is right.

Skip is standing there, so innocent ... so enjoying his doughnut.  Just as I turn my back.... 'it's almost time!'.......... I hear him exclaim, "this doughnut has been bitten!"  "Someone has bitten this doughnut!"

I turn around, my eyes opened wide in ...... pure amazement that 'someone would dare to bite a doughnut, put it back in the box' so, that the big 'bite' was hidden at the bottom!  I couldn't believe 'someone' would do such a thing!

"Oh, Skip!  I wonder who did that!"  I was looking Skip right in the eyes, I could see his mind working.  "Skip, did you bite that doughnut?"  I grinned at him, and said, "you really bit that doughnut, didn't you?"

Oh no, he said... he wouldn't do such a thing and put it back into the box!  He and I stood there wondering 'who' would do such a thing!

I told him that I bet some young person who was standing there at Sam's Club, where we purchased those doughnuts... bit one side off, placed the 'bite' down to the bottom of the box.  Yep!  I bet that's who 'done it'!

I just shook my head at the thought.... I told Skip that 'I just knew that was what happened'.... for a moment, I could see that he accepted that idea until...

"Oh no!  there weren't any young people there selling those boxes of doughnuts!  That man was as old as I, selling those doughnuts!"

I was so surprised by his observance, memory... that it threw me by surprise... I began laughing ...alot!  He'd caught me.... I'm the one... who 'dared to bite a doughnut, hide the 'bite' to the bottom of the box!

I ... did do ... that!!!  :)))  Yep, Granny Gee did that!  She might do it ...again!  I was thinking I did it in the 'name of answering the question'........ if you do 'an action today... does it affect someone tomorrow?'   Also... 'if you plant a seed, it goes to show it'll grow'...... or ... if you bite a doughnut... it'll be sure to be discovered sooner, or later... no matter where you put that doughnut in a box!


  1. I would have been upset if I found a doughnut like that! Ha! Ha! That is one sure way of getting people to not eat your doughnut! Love, Ms. Nancy