Wednesday, September 19, 2012

To All My Followers... Readers... Any Family Members... Friends

To My Followers...
Readers... Any Family Members... Friends

I forgot to add that some time ago I had quite a few followers that I don't see their profile photo now.  

The reason is my fault... one day I was tinkering with the settings... and made them all go away trying to accomplish something... thinking they would automatically appear back on my blog.

They didn't.  I hope everyone who doesn't see their profile photo there now.... my followers, family, readers... will click to join .... again.

I apologize with my heart ... I know better than to do that again... it was inexperience with blogging.

Did you know when I look at everyone who is following .... I do each day... that it makes me so happy to see you.  Not only that... I know that I feel honored to have you all.  It is comforting to see you all... it means the world to me.  :)))

Love, Granny Gee/Gloria


  1. I have to find a decent picture of me to put on FB and your blog. My picture wasn't on there but you know what I look like anyway and I am always right behind you! Keep writing and I will keep following! Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. Hi!

    I just discovered your blog and am now following. I think you seem to be a very caring person who enjoys sharing with others.

    1. Hi Sheri,

      I'm glad you discovered my blog, and decided to follow. It does mean the world to me. I treasure every one of my followers, readers.

      You sensed right about me... I am a very caring person for people, animals. If I could, I would use a magic wand to make everything all right for everyone...

      I'm glad I saw your comment before shutting down my computer. I will say goodnight now. I'm glad you are here. :))) Granny Gee/Gloria