Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We Will Be Back!

We Will Be Back!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/Granny Gee

Yesterday, we had occasion to go to the new Golden Corral in Raleigh, N. C.  Wow!  What a beautiful, new restaurant!

We drove into the parking lot, all the while admiring the outside of the restaurant, as Skip found a parking space.  This was the biggest Golden Corral restaurant we've seen yet.

We'd just come from the medical facility where Skip had to have some tests, procedure done.  They found something that disturbed us.  .  I won't write about this until we know what is going on... hopefully 'not going on'.

We went into the wide doors that will accommodate any size wheel chair, person.  We entered the restaurant walking to the right .... to walk in line (there wasn't a line as we went in).... to the tea dispensers, and drink dispensers, ice machine.  The glasses were nearby.

We got our drinks, walked over to the cashier to pay.  It was alittle more expensive than we have been paying at the Golden Corral that our friends own, operate.  Maybe the prices have gone up... or since it was this huge, beautiful restaurant... it was more expensive.

We paid the cashier, walked into the sitting areas... so many tables, different areas to sit.  We chose a table for two, then we went to get a salad, and bowl of soup.

We sat down to enjoy our salad... my salad sometimes ends up being a 'taste' test... instead of real salad.  It was a taste test on this occasion.  I chose spinach dip, spicy fried mushrooms, loaded potato skins, things that I felt I would like... also, different flavored chicken wings.

The food bars are set up to have different foods, for instance like the Greenhouse... there's all kind of salad makings... 'good stuff'!

There's the bar with fish, shrimp and things that go along with fish.  There's another bar with Mexican foods, one with the foods we all are used to eating... like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, vegetables of all kinds, pizza, etc.  Another bar has all kinds of desserts, ice cream machine.  Another area was just for all kinds of breads.  The Golden Corral 'here' had 'everything'!

It's like 'never-ending' foods of every kind.  We enjoyed walking, looking, then choosing what we wanted to eat.  The whole experience was wonderful.  We loved the 'sounds of people talking, laughing' around us... the atmosphere was very relaxing, nice.

Our waitress brought us an extra glass of tea.  I was happy to get the second glass.... I had experimented with the raspberry tea only to find out that I 'hate' it!  :)))

I love to taste, to see the different foods, different flavors, colors of foods.  After Skip's experience at his appointment, going to this restaurant gave us a chance to recoup, to talk, to think.

We finished up, calculated our tip... got up and left the restaurant.  The whole time we were saying as we walked out... 'we will be back'!

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  1. Oh yeah!! That sounds like a good idea to me! Mmmmm!!!! I am going to have to find out where this place is. I do hope all will be alright with Skip. He will be in my prayers--and you. That is what we do--we pray one for another as the Bible teaches us! Love, Ms Nancy