Tuesday, March 19, 2013

He Does Understand... We Are Going To Have Differences

Artwork By Gloria Faye Brown Bates (this survived a house fire in file cabinet)

He Does Understand... We Are Going To Have Our Differences
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I tried something I've never tried in my life.  Today, I felt well enough to go to the supermarket.  In fact, in the past couple of days I've tried food I've never eaten before in my life.

I was buying bags of frozen vegetables to put in the freezer.  I bought several bags of something I'd never eaten before.  I will surely buy more now.

I tried Edamame, a variety of soy beans... I bought the steamable frozen pods with sea salt.  I put them in the microwave for about 4-5 minutes, took them out, let them cool a bit.

I began taking the peas from the pod to eat.  Oh my, what a tasty snack!  I love the taste, I don't know how to describe it, I've never tasted anything like them before.  I read that they have a lot of good protein, and people eat them for a snack when dieting.

Tonight, I did something I'd never done in my life.  I bought two bulbs of garlic at the supermarket.  They always look so fresh, pretty in their little packages.  I felt I wanted a box of them.

Tonight, I held each bulb in my hand, sliced off the 'top'... then took the 'paper' skin off.  I put each of the two garlic bulbs into a piece of tin foil... drizzled olive oil on them, sprinkled a little salt, pepper over them.  (Note:  I need to get Kosher salt  :)))

I baked them in the oven at 400 degrees, then... took the cloves from each bulb... pressed each clove with a fork to get the creamy, roasted garlic out.  (Note:  I need to buy a garlic press  :)))

I spread the creamy garlic on a piece of toast, drizzled a tiny bit more of olive oil on it, sprinkled a tiny amount of salt, pepper over it.  I began to eat it... I really loved it!  This would be wonderful with spaghetti!  (I know... you all already probably been eating garlic like this ... I never buy garlic, Skip doesn't like it.  Sometimes, I do use garlic salt on a steak :)))

Now... how to get the garlic scent gone!  I'm sure I will have garlic breath tomorrow!  Does anyone know how to make the garlic smell go away?

I saw how to prepare the garlic on a video, it looked so good... I had to try it.  I love things I haven't ever tried before.  If anyone has any good tips about the Edamame pods, or garlic.... let me know!

I know that Edamame peas can be made into 'hummus' ... instead of using chickpeas, one can make hummus with Edamame peas, using cilantro, and such.  I love hummus.

Skip doesn't like 'everything' I like... especially garlic!!!  But, he understands that we 'are going to have our differences'!  :)))


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    1. Don't advertise your website on my blog, please. Thank you. This is spam.

  2. I have no idea how to get rid of garlic breath but I love garlic too! I really like to eat garlic Texas toast with my spaghetti and my steaks! Have you tried rinsing your mouth with salt warm water to get rid of the garlic breath? If you want to get rid of the garlic smell in your home, the only thing I have found to get rid of that is Febreze! I normally use the Gain scented.Good luck with all you try! Love, Ms Nancy

    1. Ha! I have brushed my teeth, tongue ... a million times! :)))

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