Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm Just An Old, Little Girl Who Had Some Fun!

This 'Old, Little Girl'... Granny Gee!  I Just Want To Have Fun!

I'm Just An Old, Little Girl Who Had Some Fun!...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Today, I decided to take a bubble bath... with lots of bubbles!  Millions of bubbles!

The tub was sparkling white; underneath the water flowing out of the faucet was a mound of bubble bath powder..... purple bubble bath powder.

Bubbles were beginning to form... I wanted more bubbles!  I wanted to hide in mounds of bubbles, peep out over the top of them, blow them with my breath!

I didn't have enough bubbles!  I needed more!  I didn't have anymore bubble bath powder.... my eyes spotted something sitting on the tub.  Oh yes!  I needed that!

I reached for the big bottle of Caress Body Wash... it was half full.  I was sure I would get a lot of bubbles from that!

I began squeezing all the thick,pink, nice-smelling body wash under the very warm water... the bubbles began coming... millions of them!

Bubbles!  Bubbles!  Bubbles!  Oh, so many wonderful bubbles!  What a wonderful, delicious scent in the air!

I jumped into the tub, well... not really jumped (remember, I'm 'old' :)))!!!  I was just thinking... am I too old to enjoy my bubbles?  Just because I'm 'older'... doesn't mean my life is over.... I'm just a 'old, little girl'!

I laid in the tub with the bubbles hiding me... if one looked into my bathroom... all they would have seen is a white tub of bubbles.

As the bubbles foamed all around me, I blew to my heart's content... millions of bubbles, trying to make a... bubble mountain!  That may have looked strange if someone was looking in... bubbles forming a big, fluffy mountain as they grew higher, and higher.  Sometimes, it would look like 'puffs' of white clouds as they flew by in the air!

When it came time to come back to reality... I realized I had a lot of bubbles to wash out of the tub.  Not only that, I was very soapy!  So, I turned the shower on... took a wonderful, refreshing shower.  When I finished, I turned the warm water to cold water.... let the shower finish washing the bubbles down the drain.

All the while as I dressed... I kept thinking 'this old, little girl had fun'!!!

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  1. That sounded like fun!! I know Skip will be happy to see (and smell) you when he gets home this evening! It sounded so relaxing!I might give it a try instead of a shower. Love, Ms. Nancy