Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yellow Panties... and Buttercups! Does 'Yourself' Make Jokes For You To Laugh At?

Artwork/Suncatcher by Gloria Faye Brown Bates

Yellow Panties... and Buttercups! Does 'Yourself' Make Jokes For You To Laugh At?
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I was thinking today about some funny stuff... I can't help it. Sometimes, I think about silly, funny things... too! I'm just like you...
I was thinking about panties... we all wear them. Well, I know men don't, for sure! Well, maybe sometimes, they do... it doesn't matter 'who' wears them ....
You know colors are a big part of my life... and buying colored undies are no exception. I love colors!
Well, sometimes... there is a 'voice' inside my mind that 'wants to make jokes... funny jokes'.
For instance... my package of colored undies has a pair of yellow panties, along with fuschia, pink, blue, designs. Those yellow panties kept standing out to me... they were the last ones I decided to wear.
Why? I enjoyed looking at the color of them... so happy, so bright... so 'sunshiney!'
They are the color of buttercups... a happy flower that is popping up everywhere to remind us that Spring is almost here! Yellow is ...'happy'!
Well, today I gathered my things for my shower... the yellow undies were one of the things I gathered. Once I took them to my bathroom, laid them down to put on, along with my other things... this 'voice' in my mind began to say funny things, such as:
'Uh uh! Going to be sunshine in a place the sun never shines!' They are going to 'light up the world'... Just silly things! I began to wonder ... 'if anyone else ever experiences something like this'? Does 'yourself' make jokes for you to laugh at?
Don't think dirty thoughts... there weren't any in my mind. This was some silly, little 'funny' thing that made me laugh today. I wondered who else hears 'themselves, a voice making funny jokes'?

 I do like my yellow panties though, they are as pretty as buttercups! I just don't want mine to 'show up' to remind anyone that 'Granny Gee' is near! :)))  Do you know, 'real life' is like this....


  1. You were havig silly thoughts! I can't say that my mind makes those kind of thouhts but I am sure it does other silly stuff! Things like at night time when I can't go to sleep, I say to my eyes-----you can stay awake if you want to, but you're getting up at 4:00 in the morning anyway! That would be the kind of things my mind tells me. Love, Ms. Nancy

    1. Ha! That's sort of the same thing! Just silly, funny, light-hearted things like that. :))) Love, Gloria