Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hummingbird; Sunshine... Hurts; Cup of Java, and Trickery

Baker's Rack in my Straw Bale Garden...

Hummingbird;  Sunshine... Hurts;  Cup of Java, and Trickery
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I was standing on the back porch this morning when a quick movement caught my attention.  It was swift, and close to my face!

A butterfly?  My eyes blinked, trying to focus on what it was moving so quickly.  It was a little... hummingbird!  A little teal hummingbird.

I felt honored that it came up close to my face to look at me, flew rapidly to a spot nearby... it was looking for something.  I wished to have had nectar for it.  Soon, it flew away, and I didn't see it again.

I wonder if it was a 'good sign' of something to come?  It would be fun if it was!
Later today, I went out to my straw bale garden to 'play'.  I opened a new bag of garden soil to use in my 'containers'.  My containers being... gallon jugs from the water we buy to drink.
I cut the jugs in half, screwed the top back on the top half.  I, then, make little holes in them for drainage.  I filled each with soil, put seeds in them.  I arranged them on a hunter green baker's rack, I placed in my 'garden'.

All was going well until... I was struck in the top of my head.  The pain was awful, I felt like I would faint.  I stood there not knowing what happened... then, I realized that the heavy garden ornament I had on top shelf of the baker's rack... had fallen on my head.

I felt tears in my eyes, and I did cry... a little.  The pain was great.  I, now, have a big 'knot' on the left 'top' of my head.  It's very sore tonight.

The garden ornament is a 'heavy green glass sunshine', with metal rays all around it.  The weight, and the 'points' of the rays are what hurt me.  Behind the 'green thick glass with a happy sunshine face' is a place for one to put a candle... when the candle burns, it creates a beautiful light to glow through the green glass.

This evening, I experimented with my new Keurig coffee machine.  It is all I expected... I am very happy to have it!  Instead of making a whole pot of coffee... I can now, make one cup.  Not only that... it's richer, hotter... and lots of variety!

This is what stands out in my day... today.  Excepting one other thing... I had a trick played on me today, but... I pretended not to notice.  I didn't desire to make a scene... eventually, I will tell the woman at another time, though.

I went to the local McDonald's.  I went to get a double-fish sandwich with cheese... it's what Skip and I will do from time to time... to remember Tommy.  I specifically asked for it to be prepared fresh, be hot.  The cashier assured me it would be.

My fish sandwich appeared 'too quickly'... it was already prepared.  I looked at the cashier, and t0 the Spanish woman who gave it to me.  I told her that I'd like it to be fresh, hot.  I don't like cold fish sandwiches.

She took the sandwich back after giving me an expression that I won't even describe here... waited a couple of minutes, brought the same sandwich back.  I didn't even say anything... I 'let it go'.  I won't... the next time.

Usually at this McDonald's, all is very good... hot.  In fact, it's one of the best McDonald's we've eaten at, in all our travels.  They 'have it together'.

As I sat at a table to eat, I noticed that I'd come in at time for their shift to change... I determined that 'that was why' the Spanish girl played a trick on me... she didn't know it... but, I knew what she did.

So, my day began with a teal hummingbird, feeling pain from the sunshine, pleasure from a cup of java, to having a trick played on me.  What more could I ask for?  :)))


  1. I do think I would have told the cashier about that sandwich! I don't like a cold sandwich of any kind that is suppose to be warm, hot! Hopefully the knot on your head will not hurt long and will disappear quickly. Enjoy your cup of java!! Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. I didn't like that... but, I didn't feel like 'pushing it'. :))) I smiled thinking about the expression looking to make sure 'I was fooled'... I pretended. The games we have to play... :))) Love, Gloria