Wednesday, April 24, 2013



By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee
What you see here ... are happy colors!  My mood is all beautiful colors because, now... I can cope with my hair.  I've been using Moroccan Argan Oil products on my hair... it's beautiful.

My hair is three colors... it's not noticeable here in the photos, but... in person... oh, how I love my hair color now!  It begins light at the top, progressively becomes darker as it goes to the bottom.

Can you see that I've come to peace with my hair now... and enjoy it?  On March 5th, I went for a perm... it almost ruint my hair.  It was an awful, awful time... I just couldn't cut it after 'finally' growing it out long enough to reach a scar on my back from the first of two major surgeries to save my life (I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma... at that time, my hair was long, curly, beautiful.... soon, after the surgery... I learned how it felt to 'have no hair'... the chemo drugs caused it to come out.) 
It's taken all these years to 'finally' grow it out... it seems no matter how many times one tells some beauticians 'to barely trim one's hair, my hair... they take that as a 'go' to 'cut it all off'.  Finally, I learn to hold my ground... and stress not to 'cut my hair short, I don't want short hair'.  It usually happened when a hairdresser began talking on a phone... their head on their shoulder, sandwiching a cellphone in between.
I have to give Felicia credit for the happiness I am feeling about my hair now.  It isn't important to anyone else, but... me.  To myself, I am very important... :)))  Thank-you, Felicia... for making me smile again, in such happiness.  I can look in the mirror now, enjoy my hair again... even while the 'bad perm' grows out.  I don't have to think about even cutting it.
New Author Card....
This is my new Author Card.... I like this one best... so far.  I love change
so, of course, there will always a different one.... :)))



  1. I understand about your hair!! I don't really like short hair either. Although I am thinking about cutting some of it off. It has gotten so long now. It tangles bad at night now. I need a perm too. (I also need color on it--too much gray showing!)I too don't care about someone talking on the phone while they are working on my hair. Your hair does look great!!! I also like your new cards! You know I have to have one! Love, Ms. Nancy

    1. You can have all you want! I have several different kinds of cards.. I haven't found one just right... yet. This one seems to be the closest. Thank you, I am so glad to finally find 'that place' to live with my hair now... it was just something else to add to what 'hurt me inside'... now, it doesn't. :))) Love, Gloria