Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gloria 'Look Alike'...

Gloria 'Look Alike'...
 I have laughed so much... one of my favorite friends sent me a photo her husband took of her 'before' she did her hair and makeup...
Yep!  Guess who it looked like!  'Me'!!!  At first, I thought I was seeing myself when I clicked on the email.  I began laughing out loud, drawing Skip's attention to the computer.
I told him this 'is my twin'... at first, he didn't know who it was!  He laughed, too.
This was such a fun thing... I wanted to share it.  I won't tell you who my friend is... you might not recognize her here, even if you know her... she is beautiful!
Not only that, she is a wonderful mother, wife, family person.  Skip and I have always thought they are such a beautiful family. 
I was honored when she sent the photo her husband took of her.  She looks like me at 'her worst'... think how pretty she is at her best!  Thank-you for letting me share this with my readers! 
This has made me smile a lot... it has been fun looking at these photos.  I hope you all enjoy them... just as much as I have!                        


  1. WOW!!!!!!! She does look soooo much like you! I do believe she could pass for your twin! If her ways are like yours----she is a very speical person with a really big heart! I am definitely surprised. But it is a good surprise! Love, Ms. Nancy

    1. She is just a beautiful person all the way around. :)))

  2. I do believe I spelled "special" wrong! Sorry! I am not perfect either! Love, Ms. Nancy