Friday, May 24, 2013

Let's Have A Damn-Happy Good Time!

Let's Have A Damn-Happy Good Time!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I watched him without him being aware that I was.  He took another drink from a bottle hidden inside a brown bag.  Oh, how good it must have tasted.  I don't drink; but, watching him made me want some!

He closed his eyes, twisted his mouth up in pure pleasure as he swallowed that golden liquid.  He smacked those big, full lips of his... flicked that tongue out to get any flavor whatsoever, left on his lips.  His tongue pressed hard, as he tried to get it all.

His lips flattened against his mouth... as he sucked them.  He even made a little 'popping' sound.  That big old hand reached up to wipe his mouth off.  There was no chance of leaving even a drop of precious liquid behind!

I watched as I appeared not to be watching... my head was low; I was peeping under my brows... like a fox underneath a log.  If he glanced my way, my eyes were busy reading my book.  My face was reflecting how absorbed I had become in my book.  Nope... she isn't paying me any mind as I get ready to have a... damn-happy good time!

It's party-time!  I want to dance, have fun; get something fun on the side!  Never mind I'm married... I've got to have fun!  I've got to have something to talk about when I go back to work on Tuesday.  I'm damn-well going to have the best time; all my buddies are going to envy me.  I'm going to PAR--TY!!!

He began to smile as that familiar warmth spread through his body.  He wiggled it, to make sure no obstacles were in the way... he wanted it to hurry up, get to his head; to his mind.  He wanted to feel goo--ooooood... this is how he 'parties'.... being so damn high; it feels so good!  This is what holidays are all about to him....

It hit him.  She watched as he smiled an idiotic grin, his eyes becoming crossed.  The fool was getting drunk right in front of her!  She knew what he was going to do next...

Sure enough, he walked over to her, grinning.  "Hey, you want to par-ty?  You want to have a happy-damn good time'  Come on, let's have a happy-damn good time'!!!

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  1. Most people that I have seen that drank the "happy juice" as I call it, do make fools out of themselves! Don't know why people think they can have "naughty" fun when they drink. Most I have ever seen were not worth 2 cents at anything they try to do when they are 2 sheets in the wind! They do try to have fun though! Love, Ms. Nancy