Saturday, August 3, 2013

'Camie' Rose... and Move Over Death

'Camie' Rose... and Move Over, Death
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I watch as a little rose begins to open
Open its petals, one at a time
As each opens, it unfurls, stretches out smoothly

Until one day, it is in its glory
Full, colorful as a rose can possibly be
It reminds me of a little puppy who is doing the same

Each day, her skin gets smoother
Healthier, from the care that she receives
One day, she too... will be like a rose

She'll be wearing her coat of new hair
Her skin smooth as silk
Memories of the past will fade

All you'll see is a beautiful puppy
Who has filled out, fluffy and cute
Looking pretty as a rose... a Camie rose

This is dedicated to a little puppy I rescued from certain
death.  She was 'becoming the earth'... as I took her from
'death's hands'... I struggled to carry her weight, to get her
in my care.  Go away, Death... it's not her time... I'll fight
you for her... and I'll win.

In my mind as I struggled to carry her 'dead weight', I
cried out to God, 'please help me to make it home with her,
please give me the strength'.  Tears poured from my eyes
at seeing this sweet little soul who was left to die.... because
her skin wouldn't get well......

No longer pretty, the skin over her whole body 'open'
Blood, clear fluids oozing continuously
Every movement she made was in agony
She cried out from the excruciating pain
No one cared, she was dying all alone

Until... once in my care... I fought Death for her
With a determination in my heart
No, Death... this puppy isn't yours
Why, she has never known what love feels like
Love that she can trust ...not to throw her away

I will fight you... 'tooth and nail'
I'll 'fight a bear'... this little puppy is going to know
What it feels like to live with comforting love
Soft things around her to lay on... good food to eat
She is going to know a good home, family

Then... only then... when she's lived a long, good life
Can you come for her, Death... so, you stay away
This little puppy has a lot of living to do
Has a lot of good food to eat, feel a lot of special love
Before its her time to go... move over, Death

We don't have time for you... life is her destiny, 'now'
It's time for life to be good for a little puppy
A little puppy who has blossomed like a rose
I am your guardian angel who will fight your battles
Through thick, and thin... move over, Death

I don't have time for you, I know darkness very well
I lived it when my son died... so get out of my way
This little puppy is going to live... I'm going to be here
Between you and her... I'm her shining light
To keep the darkness away from her
You had her once... but, I have her now

Live life to the fullest, little Camie
I'll take care of you, comfort you, feed you
Your life is with us, your new family
That feels like we've been together ... always
No more darkness for you... move over Death


  1. Iknow death will stay away for at least a while now!! Death is no match for you when it comes to taking care of something and fighting for it's life! I wouldn't get in your way at all. I would love for you to be my nurse if I ever get in that kind of situation. You have the biggest heart of anyone I know and have the ablility to take care of who or whatever needs help. I wish a lot more people were like you!! Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. Tears. First for you, your son.. These tears are the kind you cry when you've seen something so beautiful it makes you forget to breathe. As I sit reading your writing I am left speechless time and again. Your heart, oh my gosh... Your writing. I keep forgetting to breathe... Thank you