Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Didn't Know You Were Going To Die...

I Didn't Know You Were Going To Die...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I walked by a table, a family was laughing... talking
I heard my name, looked up to see an attractive face
Smiling at me, with twinkling... mischievous eyes

Kenan!  I called her name aloud with happiness
I was always glad to see Kenan... with her sweet smile
So very petite, pretty... ever-lasting beauty into 'old' age

We used to laugh, talk about getting 'old'
I'd look at her, think 'when I get your age'
I hope I could look so beautiful the way you do

I always cared about you, Kenan
I didn't know you were sick
I pray that you never suffered, went to sleep

To wake up in Heaven to brighten
Their day with your glowing smile
Just as you always did mine... whenever I saw you

Rest in peace, my friend... Kenan
I'm feeling the pain of discovering you are gone
I would have spent more time talking to you

Laughing, being mischievous, having fun
As you and I did, when we saw each other
But... when I last saw you... I didn't know you were going to die

Goodbye my friend, Kenan
I hope you see my son in Heaven
As he is already there...

You'll see a smile as bright as yours
Maybe you'll laugh, talk, see us 'down here'
Knowing no matter what... our love can reach Heaven, too

I sit here, and my tears threaten to... overflow
Like water washing over a dam
My little smile like sunshine reflecting on the river

Sending rays of love, caring
That travels all the way to you
I'm so sad... I didn't know you were going to die

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  1. I am sorry to hear your friend died. I didn't know this person but if you liked her, then I know she was a good person. Love, Ms. Nancy