Thursday, November 7, 2013

Straight To Hell...

Straight To Hell...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

She sat in the cold, hard, vinyl geriatric chair
A nurse's aid had come in to get her up from bed
She threw a cold, sterile sheet over the elderly woman

Sit there, shut your mouth... you better be good
The elderly woman knew better than to say a word
All she had to do was to look at her arms to see bruises

Bruises left there by thoughtless, cold, cruel people
Who were disguised in all white, with smiles of caring angels
When family left, so did the smiles... out came the claws

Shut up, shut up... I said!  I'll slap you if you make a noise
I don't need none of your mess tonight, I'm tired... sleepy
I didn't come to work to be bothered by the likes of ... you

The cold, heartless b____ never saw, felt a thing
As she slammed the wooden door to the room behind her
To go to another room to her job

She left behind her a frail, frightened elderly woman
A lady who always smiled... now, she always had tears
In her eyes of green... eyes that were frightened as well

She could walk, even dance if she wanted to
She hid her abilities, played weak
One day she was going to kick an ass, or two... just watch and see

With no one in the room to watch her, she rose from the chair
Threw the cold, white sheet on the floor
Stretched her arms, stretched her legs

It's a good night to take care of business, I'm the one to do it
She walked quickly to the door, quietly opened it, went into the hall
She could hear the b___'s voice verbally abusing another patient

Didn't I tell you to shut your mouth, I'm too tired to mess with you
You aren't going to give me any problems, mess up my night
Lay there in your s___, I'm not changing you!

The nurse's aid came out of the room, slamming the door
Looked up, saw the frail, elderly woman out in the hall
As she stood there, one hand on the wall to steady herself

What the f___!  I told you I wasn't messing with you tonight
Get your ass back in your room... get in that bed!
Get, you hear?  Get in that bed, and don't you dare get up!

When the elderly woman didn't move, the nurse's aid grew angrier
Her eyes had an evil look... her lips pulled back in a cruel smile
She loved to slap around, bang up her patients

She began to walk toward the fragile, elderly woman
For a moment, she thought she saw a little smile on her face
A gleam in her eye... she knew that wasn't possible

Until... the elderly lady spoke in a strong, calm voice
Told her... yes, told her!  that she'd better not come closer
Because her ass... yes, 'her' ass was going to be kicked

The nurse's aide was ready to beat the old woman down now
She reached out with both hands, she'd break her body into
No sooner than she thought these things, all became a blur

Pain, flashes of colors in her eyes, she felt her body being attacked
She'd done messed with the wrong patient, this one got her ass!
When all was said and done... the elderly woman stepped back

She spoke in strong, calm voice... you get up off the floor, now!
You are going to work your ass off, tend your patients as you should
If you hurt another soul here tonight... I'm going to send your ass...

Straight to Hell...


  1. WOW! ....again, a riveting story that held me breathless right to the end!

  2. I wish more elderly people could take up for themselves! It is a shame that elderly people have to put up with such mess as that after all they have already had to do in their life. Shame on you "so-called" nursing aids! This why whenever there is a family member in a nursing home, we keep very close watch on them. Love, Ms. Nancy