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Tommy Would Have Been 43 Today... Death Of My Only Child, My Son

Tommy Would Have Been 43 Today...  Death Of My Only Child, My Son
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Today... I would have had you a birthday cake
With 43 candles... well, maybe not quite 43......

On the table would sit several packages
Wrapped in colorful paper, with great big, old bows

Festive dishes would adorn the table
Draped with a table cloth of happy colors

All kinds of dishes with your favorite foods
For you to pick, choose from to eat with pleasure

Oh, if I could see your face... your bright smile
Hear your soft-spoken voice, hear you laugh

You are not here today, Son... you had to go away
On May 29, 2010... when you left on one trip... only to leave on another

The evening you went away destroyed my whole world
My only child, my precious son... you died that evening

I died with you... for almost two years I was dead
I lived in a dark world, didn't know how to find the light

Thank-God for my husband, Skip, my hero... our Pups
I was drowning in the sea of grief... they were there to pull me out

This is the third year you are gone, Tommy
I miss you my son... I can't tell you 'Happy Birthday'

I can only think it in my mind, you aren't here
I can only remember you... I can't see you now

Today is my son's 43rd birthday, I can't forget
I write this ... to remember Tommy ... I miss you, Son

Tommy Mitchell Sidden
Born:  November 20, 1969
Died:  May 29, 2010

Tommy walked into Heaven on May 29, 2010 from the sand at Myrtle Beach. He was

doing something he'd been looking so forward to doing.... playing his first time

at the beach with his little 3 year old son, Taban. I'll never

forget him standing on the deck the evening before, smiling his big, happy

'Tommy' smile, saying he was looking forward to playing with his son for the

first time, at the beach. Tommy had changed his mind, no one knew

'why'.... to not going with the family to Myrtle Beach... to going. It was his

last trip... his first, last time to play with Taban, his little son.

They were running, squealing with joy, laughing ...Tommy was sending

me photos on his cellphone to my computer back home. His fingers slipped off the

video ... he collapsed there on the sand. The phone rung, the

caller ID showed Tommy was calling! I answered it, my mind became confused as I

realized it wasn't Tommy, but.. a strange man's voice saying.... 'I have a man

lying here on the beach, he's not breathing'! My life forever

changed ... he was my only child whom I loved with my very heart. Tommy had 2

blockages in his heart... no one knew... he was only 40 years old.

I am keeping my son's memory alive, my memory alive for my

grandchildren... Taban and McKenzie. I don't have family left who can do that

for me. I sit and write my life's stories, my thoughts here ....everyday. I will

write until the day ... I die. Tommy nor I, nor Skip ... our Pups ... will ever

be forgotten. I hope my grandchildren will one day read this to know... that we

loved them, I loved them.... that they were indeed ... thought of .... often.

I write my pain... I write to remember Tommy.  You can see my book 'I Cry For Tommy' on .

You can visit my primary blog to see his photos at:

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