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All He Had On ... Was His Hair!

All He Had On ... Was His Hair!

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All He Had On ... Was His Hair!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee ... 2013

 I had just come in from a trip. I was tired, in no mood for any nonsense. You know how it is... you just want to get home, take off your heels, get into something comfortable... cozy.

I'd left Interstate 85 behind, was now... on a two lane road. I had the music up loud. Funky music! I loved funky music... it got into my body like no other music could... well, until the day years later... I discovered Cajun music! and Calypso music! Oh my... if I were dying... this would be the way to get me jumping again!

A white truck passed me up... it'd been behind me since I'd left the interstate. I could see in my rearview mirror that it was a hairy, white man driving. I could tell he had a lot of facial hair both on his face, head.

As a young woman, I drove very fast... I loved speed. The interstate was my favorite place to drive. The truck drivers would play with me... and put me in the 'rocking chair'. That's 'sandwiching' a vehicle in between trucks.... 'protecting it from getting a ticket', if stopped by a patrolman.

The thing is... one has to be able to hang... that meant driving at a high speed. Hang... I did! I 'pure' loved it!

I was too young to know I was playing a dangerous game. You don't want to play like that.... something could fly off a big truck, cause one to wreck. It would be ugly... probably the driver of the car would never survive.

I was too naive... I played a dangerous game. The truckers love to see a pretty, young girl... play up, down the interstates. It breaks up boredom... young girls love it.

Anyway... the type of truck behind me was one of those 'box' type trucks.... medium size. I don't remember what company it was from... because what happened next... floored me. I'd never seen such happen... and I was in shock!

That white truck passed me at a high rate of speed... went on up the road. I didn't think about it any more. I was driving to my own beat... I was in my world... one of being tired, but... feeling good about myself.

Up ahead, my attention was drawn to something sitting on the side of the road. The closer I got, I recognized the white truck sitting there. Strange....

The door popped open... and what I saw next was unbelieveable! The truck cab sat high in the air...standing in the doorway was that big, white man with all the black hair on his face, head!

Damn! Damn! Damn! I was doing a double-take! That damn man was as naked as a jaybird! All I could see was this big, white guy up in the air, standing proud! His mouth was wide-open in a grin!

I had never witnessed such in my life! A naked man was flashing me! He was having a ball while doing it! Did he think I would stop? I accelerated... I wanted to get on up the road in case he tried to chase me. That was the last time I saw him.

My mind was numb... I couldn't believe it. I began laughing... I'd been flashed. That was my first time... little did I know that years down the road... I'd be flashed again. That's another story!

The image stayed in my mind for months to come. It was so amazing to see a big, naked man standing up in the air flashing... me! He was so hairy! I'd been flashed by a big, hairy man! All he had on ... was his hair!

*** Note by Author, Gloria Faye Brown Bates....

I hope if you are young... you will never play on the interstate on trips like I did. I know speed is fun... when you don't know what it can do.

I learned that speed kills. I, also, learned when I drove with my husband on a big truck... 18 wheeler.... that things will come off a big truck, and hit... wreck vehicles behind it. Through time during my travels... I saw awful things that happened when people weren't careful.

Hopefully, if you drive fast .... you will remember my words... 'don't do it'. Not only that... if you are driving on the interstate, highways... don't run over pieces of rubber!

They have metal mesh in them... not only that ... if it's big enough, they can wreck you. We saw a van carrying a family ... who wrecked.

Everyone was killed... they ran over a big piece of tire rubber, thinking it wouldn't hurt them.

The reason I told my story, adding about speed and big trucks was to let someone who does this ... know... it can kill. I was so young, dumb to realize it.

Young girls think about how pretty they are... and when the opposite sex notices them... they are flattered. They aren't thinking past that.... unless they are a smart, young girl.

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  1. Driving a truck sounds like it could be fun. My problem is I don't like to ride so long in any veicle. I have riden in a couple of trucks and I learned real fast that it is not for me! I am glad some people like driving a truck. I am glad because I know that is how items get on shelves at the stores we shope at! Thank you truck drivers!! Thank you Gloria for sharing this with us--your fans! Love, Ms. Nancy