Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Now, You 'done gone and broke' That Swing!

Now, You 'done gone and broke' That Swing!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee... as a child

Sitting in the old swing on the front porch
Several small children laughed as the wind blew in their face
The swing went higher, higher as their little legs pumped

Back, forwards they swung... their hearts sang with pure joy
They wanted to do this forever... swing to their heart's content
What a happy, precious moment in time

The sun was shining, the birds chirping away
As that old swing creaked each time it swung back, forwards
Squeals, laughter... what a wonderful day it was

Until... the swing didn't go forward again
Instead, it went flying through the air until...
With a crash, it hit the chaney ball tree in the yard

Squeals of joy turned into screams... laughter turned to tears
As each child was tossed here, there from the force
They got up from the ground, brushing sand from their clothes

The little children comforted each other
They didn't understand what had happened
When that swing swung them to hell

Swung them high into the air, slammed them into the tree
They stood back, looking the swing over
The wood was broken in the middle where it struck the tree

They ran to tell someone about the swing breaking
Heard their grandfather roar... I told you not to swing so high
Now, you 'done gone and broke' that swing!

The children had stopped crying by now, began to grin
They loved to watch this gentle giant of a man
Who was blind.... lose his cool

They loved him with their hearts, he sure was funny
When he got mad.... he'd roar like a lion
The whole world could hear him

While they nudged each other, silently giggled up a storm
George never saw them as he could not see
He went out that front door... out to the chaney ball tree

Picked that swing up, took it to the shed
All the while fussing about the kids swinging too high
They didn't listen... and 'went and done it, anyway

A week later, a new... wooden swing was put up
The same little children were swinging in it
Laughing, squealing with joy... having a good time

This time, they didn't swing so high
They didn't want to crash again
Nor did they want to hear their grandfather roar...

Now, you 'done gone and broke' that swing!

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  1. I remember swinging in swings on my aunt's front porch. It was indeed a lot of fun!!! I too would go so very high. I can just hear your blind grandpa saying that now! He was kind of funny when he got mad about something. Love, Ms. Nancy