Friday, March 7, 2014

It's Just Extra Petting, Love... They Get!

It's Just Extra Petting, Love... They Get!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I sit here, smiling to myself.  We have three Pups named Kissy Fairchild, Sweet Chadwick Elsworth, and Camie Rose.  They are mine, Skip's whole world.  We have no one else... now.  Tommy died... he was our world.

Kissy is our spoiled three year old Rottie.  Sweet Chadwick is our perfect mixture Pup; he is seven years old... and Camie is the little puppy I rescued this past summer of 2013.  She is mixed Australian Shepherd.  She is now, one year old.

All three of our Pups... we can't bring ourselves to just call them 'dogs'... are very loved.  They are fed well, petted... talked to all the time.

When it rains like it is doing all day today... they go in and out their pet door... it doesn't matter.  I trained them to be that way.  They never go to the 'bathroom' in the house.  No matter what the weather is like... they don't mind.  They run outside.

On a rainy day... like today... they do it deliberately, I think.  Run in and out... in and out.  You are probably thinking, 'okay, why would they run in and out into the rain over and over'?

Because... I have a towel folded here near me at the computer.  Each one will run up to me so, I can dry them off.  I rub, dry, fluff them as I hold them close to me.  They love... to be dried off!

If one Pup goes out, and the others don't... when the 'wet' Pup comes inside... to be dried off... the 'dry' Pups come running.  I have to 'dry' them off... also.  It's so precious... I love it.  It's just extra love, petting they get!

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  1. I am sure they love getting that extra petting! I know how you love those pups! I can tell everyone myself that those pups love you too! They are very protective of you and Skip. I have seen that with my own eyes! You keep petting and they will keep loving! Love, Ms. Nancy