Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Demodectic Mange... Red Mange

This is Camie... (Precious Camo) .....  she was beginning to get better from the medicines.... it took months for her to get on even keel.

Demodectic Mange... Red Mange
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

She is being treated again for a medical condition she'll always have. It's better to begin treatment at first signs it's beginning all over. It's going to be a long process... expensive process to get her on even keel, again.

She has demodectic mange, sometimes... called 'Red Mange'. This type of mange will make a dog suffer unmercifully. Their hair falls off their whole body... the skin becomes an oozing mass of blood, clear fluids. It's pitiful.

I rescued our Pup last July 4th. She lay dying on the cold, wet ground. When I picked her up... maggots fell off her little body. My thought was... if she was going to die, she wasn't going to be alone.

Last year, I did all the vet said to do; faithfully gave her medicines. People donated for her medical care. We couldn't afford it... and it meant the world. People have begun donating now. Her medical care is very expensive.

This type of mange can't be cured, or heal unless you get help from your vet. You can't simply dip it in a dip, expect it to get well. It doesn't work on this type of mange. I didn't know ... but, I learned as fast as I could about this horrible skin disease.

You can look up 'Demodectic Mange' or 'Red Mange'... to see how awful it is.

You can see real photos on our Pup's Facebook page.... I put photos on without sugar-coating. I wanted everyone to see what a horrible thing it is to let a dog suffer with it.

Come be friends with Precious Camo (Camie) on her Facebook page... learn about ... Demodectic Mange.


  1. It's a good job there are kind people like you around. That poor pup. :(

  2. That is so pitiful for any animal to have something that there is no cure for. Poor Camie. I hope you get all you need for her to take care of her. Love, Ms. Nancy