Wednesday, April 2, 2014

SoulMates... Beauty Fades Just As A Rose

SoulMates... Beauty Fades Just As A Rose
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I search in the mirror for myself

Only to see now... an older person

I have grieved for the person I used to be

For my youth that is forever gone

One might say that once I was vain

I guess one might be right in a sense

Because no one else did, I began to love myself

As I did, I became beautiful, special

When I did that, Skip came along

He was handsome, we complimented each other

We were tit for tat

Soulmates, lovers, best friends... forever

Skip and Gloria... always

We grow old together to the end of time

Hand in hand, hearts beat as one

Our youth, beauty fades just as a rose

Until one day, we are old

I still hope someone will see a glimpse of us

'back in the day' beneath the surface

Know that 'we used to be pretty', too

It's your turn now, to shine with your youth

Enjoy it for all it's worth

Because one day you'll be searching in the mirror

As I do... trying to find a glimpse of the real 'you', too!


  1. My Dear Friend, How lucky you were to find your soul mate in Skip. When I was in my youth at the tender age of 18 oh the love of my life entered, ( I did not know that then).We worked 2 summers at a residential summer camp for handicapped children and adults. My sweet Neil was 2 years older and a sophomore at Boston University. He also lived in CT but 40 minutes from where I did, but every weekend he drove from Boston to Meridan to his home. Then take the 40 minute ride to my house every Saturday. Well his Mom put her foot down that took a lot of time from his studies. So we wrote letters, back then we all did...real Love letters I don;t know where they got lost or they still might show up some day. But that man loved me completely. So we wrote and waited and saw each other on school breaks, and the next summer came and the love was stronger, but the same problem was there. I was so young, still in High School that when he told me he couldn't write or see me anymore as his grades were going down, it did not hit me that I would never have that feeling of love and care for someone, or that no one ever did love me that hard again. I ended up in a relationship that went on much to long 15 years. I sit now and wonder, did Bob ever really love me? He met Janelle and married her 2 years later. So there was my answer.I haven't been in a serious relationship since.I found Neil within the 1st hour of my computer search! So as I get older, and still wiser, as we all do, I was loved but too young to know how to much, until these later years. I still have hope I might meet another soul mate, but I will not break my neck running to find him, To know Neil is 2 hours away is a comfort for me. My on true love,

  2. Ahhhhhh! Sometimes those mirrors are not very nice. I think from time to time, we all probably look in the mirror for the person we "use" to be. Just remember we can grow old gracefully or we can hit it running wide open! Hmmm-----I have more than one mirror in my home. Maybe I should check them all before giving up. Love, Ms. Nancy

  3. I've never had a soul mate. At nearly 63, I'm wondering if I'll ever meet him. You are very fortunate to have met yours, and I'm very happy for you that you have Skip in your life.

    As far as beauty is concerned, I don't think our beauty fades – I think our perception of beauty fades. If society didn't place so much emphasis on youth, we might all see beauty in the creased eyes of older men and women whose beauty shines from the inside. Right now, we are led to believe that only smooth skin and taut bodies are supposed to be our definition of beauty. Maybe someday...