Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What Did You Plant In Your Garden ... Today?

What Did You Plant In Your Garden ... Today?
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee .....

What did you plant in your garden today?
Did you plant seeds of love, happiness, smiles

Or did you plant seeds of hate, ugliness, meanness
In your garden, today?

The day will come, when you reap what you sow
In your garden today ...

You see someone who looks perfect on the outside
As time goes by ... one sees what's beneath 'the soil'

Hatred, wrinkles, meanness appear on one's face
Reflecting what was planted many years ago

Like a beautiful flower, one's face can reflect inner beauty
From years gone by ... no matter how life has been

Reflecting how one has choosen to cope with all that life
Throws at us ... ugly ... good .. bad

I've tried to cope with everything, no matter how bad
The worse ... being my only child died

The next worse, being ... my husband had cancer
The next worse, being ... I had cancer

The list goes on, some almost as bad as I named
I've lost the very family members I truly loved, many of them

All in just a period of a few years ... one bad thing after another
Shock after shock .... grief, more grief

Each time, I tell myself that no matter what, how bad
Everything's going to be alright

Sometimes, it takes more time than others
To cope with each 'bad' thing

Attitude ... trying to keep a positive attitude
Makes all the difference ... I didn't say it was ... easy

You might be ... beautiful ... today, on the outside
Years later, one gets to 'see the real you' when you grow older

It's going to come out one way or the other ... look in the mirror
What did you plant in your garden ... today?

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  1. I have always heard one will reap what they sow. I never thought of it the way you just described it. You really said a lot in your few words. I have always heard the phrase, "what goes around, comes around". I am thinking it means the same things. Maybe this is why a lot of people will say, "wish I could go back to when I was much younger and know what I know now". I think there is something we would all change even if it is just a little something. Love, Ms. Nancy