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It Still Wouldn't Stop Victoria ... From Kicking Her Ass!

It Still Wouldn't Stop Victoria ... From Kicking Her Ass!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee  ... I portrayed Victoria and Lind Lou as adults, here.  One was as dark as night, as the other was light as the sun ... both equally as beautiful as the other.  


A little girl of twelve stood watching the wiggling mass in front of her. She grinned an evil little grin. That'll teach your ass to be a bully ... next time ...

The little girl inside the feed sack that was tied around her waist ... was screaming bloody murder. She couldn't get her arms out for the cord tied tightly around her waist. She felt more pain as something struck her in the back; in the chest ... on the head. She fell to the ground, sobbing.

Victoria struck her once again for good measure. She growled at her, telling her if she saw her being a bully again ... it'd ... be the end. The little girl underneath the pillow case couldn't recognize her voice. She was afraid for her life. It sounded like the devil was growling at her!

She felt herself being led for several moments, thrown to the ground. She felt something laying on top of her. She knew she was being buried alive! It must be a body on top of her ... she began to struggle once again. She felt a blow to her face ...

Victoria left the girl laying in the barn. She went back to regular life ... no one suspected her of anything. She believed in fairness; she hated a bully; not only that ... anyone who harmed an animal... or ... her.  She took care of them ... she never thought about it twice ... she did it, naturally. Victoria was special ... she had powers that even she didn't know.

For all she knew, her cousin had powers she wasn't aware of ... yet. That was okay, Victoria just fixed her ass! She wasn't afraid of her. She felt anger thinking about what Lind Lou had done to cause her to be hurt.

Lind Lou had told their cousin, Clay, to push her into the ditch. Unknowing to Lindy Lou, and Clay ... they didn't know someone had thrown an old, glass gallon jar into the ditch. It was broken, ragged.

Clay told Victoria to come on, get in the red wagon ... he'd pull her around in it. Victoria jumped into the wagon, she loved to be the one pulled. Clay pulled her around in front of the house, passing by Lind Lou who smiled, waved cheerfully to her. Victoria felt ... something ... not right. She dismissed it in her mind.

Clay pulled her along the deep ditch, stopped, pulled the wagon forward. He began backing the wagon toward the ditch. Don't back me into the ditch, Clay! Victoria was frantically turning to look backwards, her hands holding onto the sides.

Clay gave the wagon a shove hard ... Victoria went flying backwards into the ditch! For a moment, she didn't move when she landed on the ground. A most awful scream filled the air ... Victoria began screaming non-stop.

She managed to stand up, fell back to the ground. Lind Lou and Clay saw red ... lots of wet ... red on Victoria's legs. The screams were just awful. Somebody was in trouble!

Clay's mother ran out of the house ... across the yard, down into the ditch. She helped Victoria to stand up, turn around. On the back of Victoria's leg was a huge gash! Blood gushed out of the cut that gaped open. Oh, my God! she said.

They saw the broken, gallon jar lying near Victoria. It was dripping with Victoria's blood. Red, wet ... drops of Victoria's life dripped inside the broken glass.

Victoria was taken to the hospital. The gash was cleaned, stitched up. The pain was horrible. The more pain, the more Victoria vowed to herself ... she would find out why Clay pushed her into the ditch. A cast was put on her leg to keep her from bending it.

Victoria was taken home, put into a darkened bedroom to rest. She slept from the medicine given to her. Time went by ...

She healed in body ... but, in mind ... she felt familar white, hot anger. This anger would signal danger as she became older. She would begin smiling a soft, sweet smile that never quite reached her eyes. If someone didn't know her ... they'd never recognize the danger signals.

Victoria began playing a game, pretending not to suspect anything wrong. Eventually ... Clay slipped in telling her that Lind Lou had told him to push her into the ditch. Victoria began smiling softly, lowering her eyes ... so, Clay wouldn't see the anger that hid behind them. Lind Lou's ass ... was in trouble!

All the kids were playing tag ... Lind Lou was 'It'. She counted to one hundred ... went looking for everyone. She slipped into the barn, not knowing that was exactly where Victoria was waiting for her, at.

Victoria had a feed sack in one hand, a cord in the other. She was standing behind bales of hay ... smiling softly. No one could see the ice in her green eyes. It was time to carry out her plan.

Lind Lou didn't like the dark light inside the barn. She wanted to leave. She felt ... afraid.

She began to struggle when something fell over her head, covering her upper body! She felt something tighten up around her waist, trapping her arms. She began to scream, felt blows on her head, her face.

Lind Lou had never felt such pain in her life. She was afraid for her life. She fought with every ounce of strength she had. She froze when a voice began growling at her.

She waited forever it seemed ... to try to sit up. She couldn't see; something was over her body. She began feeling where the cloth was pulled tightly ... it opened!

Lind Lou began pulling the cloth off herself. It was an old, dirty feed sack. She saw a cord laying on the ground beside her ... that must have been tied around her waist!

Lind Lou stood up, quietly. She hoped she was alone. All she wanted to do was to get out of the barn, back to everyone. Back to her favorite cousin whom she was jealous of, sometimes ... she would tell her what happened! Victoria would help her!

Lind Lou tiptoed toward the door. She could see the light from outside the building. She made it to the door, quietly swung it open ... ran outside!

She ran to the house, saw Victoria sitting on the back steps, eating a slice of watermelon. Victoria! Victoria! Lind Lou ran to Victoria's side, fell on the steps beside her.

Victoria looked up in alarm. She saw red welts on Lindy's Lou's bare arms, legs ... face. Lind Lou had tears in her eyes.

She asked her what was wrong. Lind Lou told her about the devil voice, what it said. Told her about being beaten, left laying on the ground with a bag of feed laying on top of her ... how she thought a body had been thrown on top of her ... how she thought she was being buried alive!

Victoria smiled sweetly, told Lind Lou not to worry anymore. She was there for her favorite cousin; she'd kick anybody's ass if they ever touched her again! She meant that thing!

Lind Lou felt safe with Victoria. She felt sorry she had told Clay to push Victoria in the ditch! She was jealous that Clay and Victoria were favorite cousins, also. She wanted Victoria to be mad at Clay!

Strangely enough, Victoria loved Lind Lou very much. But ... it wouldn't stop her from ... kicking her ass!


Photo/Story Credit: photo is my artwork ... I drew Victoria and Lind Lou as adult women, both equally beautiful as the other.  Story is owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


This is just another short story about Victoria Fairchild, the main character in my published book; and 2nd book I'm writing about her.

The story I just wrote is partially based on a true story of my young life. I was the one who got the really bad cut on the back of my leg ... the scar today is big, and in an 'L' shape ... maybe for ... 'Lindy Lou'? :) :) :) :)

Oh! I'll leave you guessing if there was a real 'Lindy Lou', or not ... in real life. In Victoria's young life ... of course, there was!

Oh ... not that it matters!  :)))



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  1. Now you have my imagination running wild! I can just see Victoria kicking ass! You know I want the first available book right? Love, Ms. Nancy