Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It Takes A Stranger To ... Bring Tommy Back

It Takes A Stranger To ... Bring Tommy Back
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I sit waiting, as I do ... I people watch
I've always done such ... now, I watch for someone special

Strangers laughing, talking ... going their way
To where, I do not know

I watch with a soft smile on my lips
I love to see life moving along in harmony

Oh! I see what I've been waiting to see!
I raise up off my seat to be sure not to miss a thing

The sunshine turns into a spotlight, the world becomes a stage
I watch the main character walk into view

I catch my breath in my throat ... it's him!
Hair of gold ... smile as bright as the sunshine

Walking tall, good posture ... like a gentle giant
He never notices me, nor senses my reaction

I'm standing, don't remember when I stood
Warm tears flow down my cheeks ...

I smile, relax ... sit back down
I'm so happy to see the stranger, whose name I don't know

Who played the part of my son, Tommy
The main character, brought him alive to me ... for a few moments

I sit, think ... I wonder who, when ... someone will do this again
Play the part of my son ... bring back alive so, I can 'see him'

See him come alive if just for a few moments
Walk, talk, smile ... laugh

How do I not know ... it isn't really Tommy
Come back for a moment or two ... to ease my grieving Heart?

To make his mother smile through her tears
A stranger ... making Tommy come alive for a moment, or two

I can't watch my grandson grow up, who looks like his father
I have to watch a stranger who stars in a ... Tommy show

It takes a stranger to bring Tommy back, so ... I can see someone look like him
When I should be seeing his son grow up ... like his father did

I should be watching my grandson through the years ahead
Seeing 'how like' ... Tommy, he is

Seeing if he grows as tall as Tommy, combs his hair like Tommy
If he walks, sits in perfect posture as his father did

Hear his soft voice, laugh ... watch his mannerisms
I should see my son through my grandson ... it takes a stranger to bring Tommy back

Photo/Story Credit belongs, owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates. Photo is of Tommy, my son, holding his only son, Taban.


  1. I saw someone the other day that looked like Tommy too! I have seen several people that look so much like him it was a bit scary. I know Tommy is gone but it was nice to see a "Tommy look alike). Sometimes I see a "Richard" look alike too (my nephew killed by a drunk driver). His life too was cut short. Now they can go fishing together! Love, Ms. Nancy