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Victoria Fairchild ... Is A Good Person ... She Can Be Very, Very Bad

Victoria Fairchild ... Is A Good Person ... She Can Be Very, Very Bad
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee ...


Lately, I've been warming up to write on my book once again. So much has happened in our life to affect my writing ability. It is hard to think when stressed, worried.

Not only that ... for months, my internet service went to ... hell. About six months to be exact. Sprint was updating their towers. I tried going to the library, and carried alcohol and paper towels in a little bag to clean the mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

You wouldn't believe ... every day there was always the same person there who ... passed gas ... I just couldn't take it. I felt sorry for him, though. He also, talked to himself. It just made it difficult for me to sit there. So, I stopped going... I wouldn't have ever hurt his feelings for anything ... he wouldn't have really understood, I don't think.

The little short stories are just practice ... like when I begin to paint after long periods of time between. I hope they are entertaining ... I'm entertained while writing ... I put myself in them. In fact, I would be my main character, Victoria. :) That doesn't mean I'd for-real murder someone, now! :)

I sit, write the short stories ... get lost in them. I become Victoria as I write. I see through her eyes, listen through her ears, and experience things she does. If I were a mean person ... I would be very bad. :) But, I'm not ... I'm quite the opposite.

Thankfully, I'm a good person ... who believes in people getting back what they do to people, animals. 'An eye for an eye ... a tooth for a tooth ....' Certainly, Victoria believes this ... and she WILL take care of business in a heartbeat, never blink an eye.

I don't take it upon myself to punish others. I'm not God. It doesn't take away what I think, though. I'm against people/animal cruelty. I truly believe if you harm either ... your ass should feel the exact same punishment.

Yes, this is exactly what this good person believes. You deserve it .. to feel exactly what you inflict upon another when you hurt them. If it makes you happy to abuse someone, or an animal ... can you tell me what possible good are you in this world? There are too many people like this ... that's why there's a war all the time.

Then, again ... truthfully, we need bad people who can go in, do bad things to make good things happen. This ... I understand ... sometimes, bad things need to ... go away for good.

I can't put these short stories in my book, because when I publish it, anything I write in my book ... can't be found on the computer when they check for it. That's why I won't include these short stories. What I write in my book has to be for the first time... and not be anywhere else.

I look forward soon to get engrossed in finishing my second book about Victoria Fairchild. The first book I published 'When She's Good ... She's Good (When She's Bad ... She's Very, Very Bad)' ... was a thin book ... it was my introductory to Victoria.

Victoria is a very unusual character. She acts on the moment, her decisions are made in a split second ... she never thinks twice ... she just ... does. She knows how to improvise with nothing. Not only that, she has special powers when she needs them. Her favorite cousin, Lind Lou, has those same powers.

You have to know about Lind Lou. She loves to put herself in her paintings ... not only herself ... she would love to put 'some of you' in her paintings ... blood, fingernails ... hair. She's a true artist ... her paintings are ... real. You wouldn't believe ...

Victoria has a best friend named Nancy. Now, Nancy goes with her sometimes, on her ventures. Victoria tries to protect Nancy ... she cares for her very much.

Chip is Victoria's husband ... he knows Victoria is unique; he is always traveling, driving a big rig. Somehow, he knows when Victoria needs him. He doesn't try to get in her way ... when she's set on doing something. They make a perfect couple.

Victoria has another friend, named Mary. She is a special person, also. She was once homeless ... Victoria took her away from that world, sent her to college, and gave her all the tools she needed to become independent. Mary became a rich woman, and had the life she could have only dreamed of at one time.

Victoria and Chip own buildings in the city. Behind those buildings lie a world the average person isn't aware of. It's the homeless world, Victoria calls 'Hell'. She had one of the buildings set up the way she wanted ... so, at any time she wanted to, she could blend in with the homeless people. She dressed the part ... Victoria has three closets ... two that are secret ... in her big, beautiful home.

A lot of safety measures were put in place to protect Victoria, or anyone she chose ... to get into the building if something threatened their safety.

Victoria had a friend in Hell. His name was Buckaroo. She always looked for him when she entered Hell. He could tell her what was going on there with people she cared about. Not only that, he had her back, and would protect her.

She made sure the people she cared about had what they needed, there. Most chose not to come out of the homeless world they lived in.

This gives you an idea of what my Victoria Fairchild books are about. She has to do bad things ... in order to make good things happen. Woe into anyone ... who ever abuses a homeless person, or animal ...

Victoria is a good person ... Victoria can be ... very, very bad.

Photo/Story Credit belongs to me, is owned by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee





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  1. I am so glad you are getting back into your writing! I miss reading your work! I am getting excited about your book already! Love, Ms. Nancy