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Victoria Learns To Walk Where The Devil Wouldn't ... Tread

Victoria Learns To Walk Where The Devil Wouldn't ... Tread
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Victoria's world came crashing down around her at the age of nine.  Before ... she lived like a little princess.  She wore expensive dresses trimmed in the finest laces.  Her shoes were of leather, with ruffled socks.  She was the prettiest little girl around.  She could sit on her hair.

Big bugs were crawling on the cabinet.  Victoria wanted to get a glass to get water from the dirty kitchen sink.  Her grandma was paralyzed ... she couldn't get the glass for her.  Victoria's grandfather was blind ... he was outside, hanging out the wash.

Victoria's little face looked as if she were going to cry.  Her little forehead was wrinkled up, eyes full of fear.  She reached out gingerly to pull the knob on the glass door on the old, white cabinet.

Screaming for her life, Victoria began dancing around!  She was hitting her chest, shaking her dress.  A big roach had fell into the neckline of her dress.  Victoria went to pieces. 

Victoria, come here!  Her grandma was calling her.  Victoria ran into her grandma's sitting room.   Help me, grandma!  Her grandma's good hand began feeling Victoria's dress for the big bug.

It's okay now, it's okay.  Victoria began to calm down.  She'd never seen bugs inside the house.  Grandma's kitchen was full of them.  She shivered, thinking about them.

Victoria had to go to the bathroom.  That meant traveling through the bug-ridden kitchen, opening the back door to go out on the back porch!  Victoria was afraid of everything here in this new world.  She had heard something moving on the back porch the last time she went to the bathroom.

Victoria walked quietly into the kitchen.  Her eyes were darting here, there for ... danger.  She walked to the door... hated to put her hand on the dirty door knob.  It was smeared with grease from this morning's cooking.  George couldn't see that he had grease on his hands, when he cooked grandma's breakfast. 

Anyone looking at the pretty, little girl ... would have felt so sorry for her.  At every corner she turned in this new world ... she felt fear.  She didn't know how to react to the ugliness, the filth of her new world.  She wasn't old enough to realize that her grandma, grandpa did the very best they could.  She could only see, hear what affected this new life of hers.

Little Victoria's mother, step-father had separated.  Her mother had dumped her off at her parents' house.  She never told Victoria anything to prepare her for the horrors that awaited her. 

Little Victoria had gone to Hell without knowing it.  She would begin to fight to survive ... first though, she had to learn to toughen up without knowing ... what was happening.

The house she was living in, sat over the portal of Hell.  Her grandma, and grandfather tried to keep the demons away.  It didn't work all the time ... because hell would break out from time to time.

Victoria's grandfather tried to keep the house clean.  He was blind.  Imagine closing your eyes for a day, not being able to see.  Imagine cooking, feeling the hot pans, the stove eyes they cooked on.

Imagine, taking a dishcloth to wash the stove off after cooking.  Wash off the dining table ... the white kitchen sink.  Through time, filth gathered on everything. 

Everyday ... new streaks were added from the dish cloth.  Her grandfather couldn't see how he washed the dirty surfaces ... only to further make them worse.

The bathroom on the back porch was worse.  Little Victoria had never seen such in her life.  She had a hard time adjusting.  It seemed she was cringing always, trying to not touch this, not touch that. 

Victoria learned to cry ... a lot.  She was too young to know how to make things better ... she had always known a clean home, a lady who came in to care for her, cook meals, iron while her mother, step-father went to work.

She began to learn there was more than filth, bugs, big rats here in her new home.  Frequent fights broke out ... all in the middle of her grandmother's sitting room, where she had to sit in her chair.  Her grandma sat many hours in her chair ... whatever happened in front of her ... she had to put up with. 

She couldn't stop the bad things that happened ... she had to watch.
Victoria was mistreated by her six cousins who lived close by.  They laughed at her, made fun of her.  It seemed no one loved her.  She was always in the way. 

Little by little, Victoria began to learn she had to fight battles if she was going to live in this world.  It didn't matter she didn't want to fight ... hurt anyone.  She had to toughen up.

Victoria began to realize she had some strange powers.  She was too young to use, or understand them.  She seemed to get things done, if she ... set her mind to them.  She could win a fight ... if she wanted to hurt someone ... or worse. 

If one looked at Victoria when she was angry ... they would instinctively know ... she was the wrong person to mess with even as a child. 

One would see little Victoria begin smiling the softest, sweetest smile with her little full lips.  If they happened to look into her very green eyes ... they would feel the chill from ... the ice in her eyes.  A smart person would walk in the opposite direction ... a smart person would.

Victoria went to Hell at the age of nine ... she learned the ways of the Devil at an early age.  She grew up to be the best person in the world ... when needed ... the worse person in the world.  Victoria would walk where the Devil wouldn't tread ...

Photos/Story is of me, written by me ... owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

This short story is about Victoria as a young child, based partly on true life when I was a child.  I know Victoria ... very well.  Victoria Fairchild is my main character.

I am writing the second book, 'The Saga Of Victoria Fairchild', now.  The first book I published is, 'When She's Good ... She's Good' ... it's a short story introducing Victoria Fairchild. 

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  1. I know Victoria will take care of things! She is very strong when she needs to be. Just don't tick her off and you should be fine. Right? We will see when your book comes out! Love, Ms. Nancy