Monday, August 18, 2014

You Might Mistreat People, Animals ...

You Might Mistreat People, Animals ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Our three Pups... they are treasured, loved by us.  They are ours to love, protect, care for.  That's what Pups are for ... to be loved... not isolated, mistreated... left at the mercy of other wild animals .............


Have you ever sat, watched Discovery Channel ... see the wild animals go about their life? Do you ever think about how dangerous life is for ... a wild animal?

I think about things maybe a lot of people don't think to ... think about. I look at things a lot of people don't think to look at. You look at a photo ... I look at the background. That sort of thing ...

I was watching how dangerous it is for monkeys when they jump from limb, vine to vine ... make a misjudgment, lands in the river. What gets him? Nothing but, a huge-ass crocodile!

I think about people getting little puppies who are away from their litter-mates, mother for the first time. What do they do? They stick them outside, alone ... at the mercy of wild animals who eat, maim such. They cry for comfort, love that they've always known. Shame on people who do such... double-shame on you.

I'm not for putting dogs on a chain, or in an isolated fence away from the house. Why in the hell would someone get a dog ... if they are going to do that?

No way ... can anyone convince me to think that's a good way to treat an animal. Give the dog away to someone who can make it a family pet... give it love it deserves.

You don't know it... but, doing a dog like that ... reflects on ... your character. An awful ... reflection. If you will take time to look in your neighbor's eyes... you'll see ... dislike for what you do with your dog. They might pretend to like you but, inside ... you just don't know.

I watch little rabbits hopping along merrily ... until I see it isn't 'merrily'... at all! Something is chasing it ... it's part of the food chain.

I feel sadness inside ... I know life is that way, and I have to accept it. Animals live in constant danger at all times. Something bigger wants to eat them for lunch ... it's survival of the strongest.

I guess it's that way with us humans, also. Something always wants from us ... human predators. If we are in the ocean, we can become human bait. If we are in the wild, we become human food. If we are isolated in remote areas ... some people eat each other.

Crazy thoughts, yet ... they are true. Do you ever think of such, never bother to share such with others? These are my 'Gloria Opinions... Thoughts' ... if you don't like me for them ... I wonder 'why'? You might mistreat people, animals...

Photo/Story are owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

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  1. I am not an animal lover like a lot of people. I don't want to see one mistreated but I don't care to be around them much. I am thinking it might because I have been biten by a dog twice. Two different dogs at two different places. That is why I don't have animals. I also don't really know how to take care of an animal properly. Love, Ms. Nancy