Monday, August 4, 2014

You See It A Lot In People's Faces...

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee ..............................................

You See It A Lot In People's Faces ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

What a bitch!  Hateful looking codger!  The man decided he wouldn't go ask the old man anything.  He would probably cuss him out, if he did.

Look at that hateful looking woman.  I can see hell in her eyes.  I know she's a time bomb walking around. I'm not approaching her ... she's not going to go off on me!

She has a nasty looking sneer on her face.  She's just daring someone to come near her.  She wants to bite someone's head off.

Fire in his eyes ... that man has a hell of an expression.  I know no one wants to sit next to him.  That's the only seat left on the bus.  Hellfire!

The young girl didn't want to order at the fast food restaurant.  The woman standing there, intimidated her.  When she began telling her what she wanted ... the woman frowned at her.  The girl's voice trembled.  The woman's expression made it impossible for her to talk without being nervous.  She became tongue-tied.  "If you want me to take your order, you need to speak up"!

You know how it is ... you go into a business to take care of something.  You go to visit someone in the hospital; go order in a restaurant.  There's always someone who is 'mean, ugly', who makes you feel bad for coming.  They forget ... they have a boss ... the sad thing is ... the customer, visitor doesn't think to complain!

I remember once at the local pharmacy ... we needed to speak to the pharmacist.  She was told ... she came out to us with a sneer on her face, propped against the doorway, said ... "what do you want".  I became instantly angry at her.  I put steel in my voice, looked her straight into her eyes ...she began straightening up.  I would have reported her.  We didn't have to take that from her.  We heard later, that she had that reputation to do such to others.  Not me!

Sometimes, expressions aren't what they appear.  A lot of times, the expression, eyes reflect what's going on inside.  You see it a lot in people's faces.

Photo/Story Credit belongs to me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka &grannygee  #GrannyGee

Note:  Any 'ugly words' aren't ever meant to offend.  They are used according to what I'm writing.


  1. Sometimes I can't bear to look into the eyes of people who are hateful and evil. I don't want to see that darkness. But the loving, kind souls – those are the eyes of people who invite me in.

  2. One would think a pharmacist would do better! I don't like a rude pharmacist. I am thinking people feel bad enough----they don't need anyone acting ugly towards them. The cusstomer is there for a reason----to help patients that have something wrong with them! Not give an attitude. If one gives me an attitude-----I give one back to them! It is like if someone gets on your nerves-----you get them off your nerves! Love, Ms. Nancy