Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Can I Have A Cup Of Coffee, Please?

Can I Have A Cup Of Coffee, Please?
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Photo is of my coffee cup (we change from small to big cups all the time) ... pure comfort when something 'bad' happens ...


Closing my eyes, I let myself feel ... the warmth of the coffee cup I held in my hands. As the warmth seeped into my skin, I began to take tiny, slow sips of hot coffee. I let myself drift ...

Drift into a world of soft darkness ... where I can think anything I want to think about. My thoughts went to ... making magic happen!

Magic! I sat my hot coffee cup down on my desk ... again, placed my two hands lightly around it ... my hands began to lightly 'massage' the cups in circular motions. Magic! I'm conjuring up a good spell!

I lean over my hot cup of coffee, with my eyes still closed. Oh, the aroma of good, hot, wonderful coffee! My hands gently touch, tap, press the hot base of my coffee cup ... magic! I'm creating a red rose ... I can see it in my mind! I shape, press each petal until ... it's a full flower.

My fingertips lightly touch the hot cup ... my mind shifts to something else, forgetting the rose. Oh ... oh-hhhhhh, how beautiful! Just how beautiful!

My fingers pause on the cup, letting the warmth seep up through my fingertips ... oh-hhhhhh ... something is sparkling up ahead in the soft darkness I am in.

The crystal ball of moonlight in the soft, dark blue velvety sky ... sparkled down upon the clear water at the bottom of a waterfall ... the light was touching the water like millions of little diamonds laying over the water!

I love diamonds ... I love gold ... when it's the moon ... I love 'silvery'.

My hair was wet from dipping myself into the warm pool of water. I could see myself pulling my wet hair from my face. I danced from one foot to the other ... for the enjoyment of ... just bouncing, gently.

The smile on my face ... I peeped through my closed eyes ... let them watch the .... diamonds sparkle ... on the surface of the water. I'm bathing in a pool of diamonds! One would think they are cold, sharp ... my diamonds were warm ... softly glowing in the moonlight. I took my hands, lifted them up ... they slid through my fingers back into the warm water.

I pick up my hot coffee cup. By now, it's a little less than hot ... but, plenty warm. I close my eyes, hold the warm cup of coffee to my face, touching each cheek. Instantly ... I remember ... exactly ... what it is about coffee I love ... I wish for ... when 'something bad' ... happens.

I could feel a tear begin in my left eye ... my right eye. I was remembering when our home burned down ... when I began to become aware of being alive after months down the road of fighting cancer ... when my only child, Tommy, died ... when ... the list goes on.

Hot coffee ... I remember each time holding a hot cup of coffee for comfort ... pure comfort. Remember putting the cup to my wet cheeks ... the warmth of the cup drying my tears away ... only there were too many tears.

I've been feeling sad, lately ... and happy at the same time. I wanted something to give me comfort ... pure, warm comfort that reaches my soul ... can I have a hot cup of coffee, please? Oh ... no sugar, only extra cream!

Photo/story are both owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

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  1. Ahhhhh!! That cup of coffee!! It makes one feel warm and comfy!! Sometimes it will take one away from everything. Make you feel like you are on vacation for just a little while. Sometimes that cup of coffee is all one needs to make them feel better. Love, Ms. Nancy