Friday, January 2, 2015

Help Me Remember Tommy ... I Will Be Leaving ... Sending Dragonflies In/ To Unexpected Places ...

Help Me Remember Tommy ... I Will Be Leaving ... Sending Dragonflies In /To Unexpected Places ...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Photos are my own ... Today's 1st dragonfly was left in Wake Forest, North Carolina in a shopping cart ... at Petsmart.  I wonder who will find it?


I have told you that I sometimes, sit ... make dragonflies. I sit remembering Tommy as my fingers work to wrap the wire into a dragonfly shape.

Sometimes ... I make fancy dragonflies with beads, stones, glass ... whatever I feel I want to do. I never do it under pressure ... and only when I want to.

This is between me ... and my need to remember my son. I don't ever do it for someone ... my dragonflies aren't made for someone. They are only made in memory of Tommy. I couldn't do it ... if asked for. This is too precious to me ... I feel they'll go to the right people in their own way.

Of course, I could ... up and decide to send one to someone. You can send me your address ... if you like ... I'm not promising a dragonfly ... but, I could send one. Please don't ask for one ... it has to be done ... my way to remember my son.

Instead of letting the dragonflies build up ... and never be seen ... I have decided to ever so often ... leave a dragonfly, and a note ... in a public place when we are out shopping.

If someone finds it, they have the option to keep it to help me remember Tommy ... or leave for the special person who wants to take, treasure it, help me remember my son.
If they want to ... they can take a photo of it, and post it on my Facebook page at If someone wants to come, be Facebook Friends ... I would love it.

My email address is: .... you are welcome to send your address ... and I'll put it in my special book.

I don't promise a dragonfly ... but, anything is possible. You would have to live in the United States as postage is quite expensive, now.

Today ... #1 Dragonfly was left in a shopping cart in Wake Forest, North Carolina at ... Petsmart. I wonder who will find it? I hope they will let me know.

I promised I'd never let my son be forgotten ... I won't as long as I am living ... and when I die ... I have a book published 'I Cry For Tommy' ... that will keep his memory alive. It doesn't make very much money at all ... but, that wasn't the purpose of my book. I don't care if it ever does or not ... I meant for Tommy to be remembered.

I loved my son, and his life meant something to me. I miss him very much ... and the pain is great ... but, now ... I can cope with it.

I didn't know I could survive such a loss ... but, I am here, proof that one can. Everything can ... be alright ... it is ... now. I can cry now ... but, be happy with life, too. I made it! I have made it to the New Year ... another year.

Tommy walked into Heaven on May 29, 2010 from the sand at Myrtle Beach. He was doing something he'd been looking so forward to doing.... playing his first time at the beach with his little 3 year old son, Taban. The sea gulls sang to him as his spirit soared ... ocean waves played in the background.

Now ... dragonflies will 'fly' from my hands to who knows where? Love in every dragonfly for my son, Tommy ... when you hold it in your hands ... you'll feel a soft, special mother's love for her son.

Who knows ... you could hold one in your hands ... to keep, treasure ... and help me ... remember Tommy. When you do, I hope you'll let me know. Love, Gloria /aka Granny Gee


Photos/story both are owned by me, #Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka #grannygee


  1. I don't think I could ever forget Tommy. I remember he loved dragonflies. I admit they are pretty little flying things! He was a wonderful man and I think all his friends will never forget him. Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. You are a very strong person. I knew you would get through this I just didn't know how long it would take you. It is a terrible thing for one to lose a child no matter the age. You know I am always here for you! Love, Ms. Nancy

  3. A post that tugs the heart with so much love. Gloria, I would love to take a moment to remember Tommy with you. There are no words to express or describe a loss of a love one. There are no words that may ever bring comfort to someone who lost a love one but I can sit next to you in our cyberspace world and listen...and to let you know you are not alone. I don't have to hold physically the dragon fly in my hands, just reading your thoughts and the heart you poured in it, brought the dragonfly my way. So yes, I will treasure it and keep it. Just several days ago, I was talking to a co-worker and a friend. She too lost her son at the age of 40. He simply collapsed when his wife was about to bring him to the ER for not feeling well. He too had a very young child. I listened to my friend and I know right then and there that somehow, it made her feel better, that she's happy to remember him with with so much fondness, vividness and great love. My thoughts and prayers to you, to Tommy and to your family. He is smiling in heaven knowing so many remembered and loved him. God bless.

  4. Sorry, forgot to place my name, this is the Island Traveler and thank you for sending our way the dragonflies. We will remember Tommy with you...always.