Friday, January 23, 2015

I'm Not An Angel ... But, I Watch Over One

Project I was working on ... The word 'Love' is appropriate for this story ... I 'pure love' a dog named Angel ... she reminds me of our Pups.


I'm Not An Angel ... But, I Watch Over One
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I went up the steps to unlock the door. I could hear the happy barking of the pup I had come to let run outside for a short time on the long cable I attached to her collar.

I called to the pup ... it's just me, Angel! It's just me! As I unlocked the door, I saw Angel run toward me, happy to see me. My heart felt happy ... I loved to come, let Angel come outside for a short time.

Angel is the pup of a special friend of ours. She works hard each day, and is gone long hours. She was worried about Angel staying inside all that time without a break to go outside. When she asked me if sometimes, I would come over ... I was honored. Angel is so much like our Pups. She loves us, too. I go each day to see Angel.

Today, when she saw Skip outside, standing at the pickup ... Angel hurried down the steps toward him. She loves Skip. Skip leaned down to give her love, pet her.

We stood, letting Angel walk around on her long cable for as long as she wanted to ... she took her time, then ... walked back up the steps to the door to be let in.

I walked up the steps behind her, opened the storm door ... Angel took her head to nudge it open. I took the cable off her collar, and took the two containers of treats from the slender, tall table beside the door ... opened each one to get a chew stick out of one, a dog biscuit out of the other.

Angel always gets a treat after she comes back inside. She looks forward to it. I put the chew stick treat in her sweet mouth ... and laid the dog biscuit down beside her on the carpet. My Heart felt good ... Angel got her break in the day ... now, she could wait for her mommy to come home to her.

This is something that I look forward to ... and would never take money for. This is pure love, caring when I do it.

When I am home, I constantly watch over Angel ... I can see where she lives when I sit at my computer. Yes, I placed my desk so, I can always see that all is okay at her home when her mommy's away. We always cast an eye to know all is alright around us ... we love everyone around us.

I'm not an angel ... but ... I watch over one.


  1. I am ever so grateful for your love!! You are MY angel and Angel's angel! I love you guys so very much :-) Thank you for always watching out for my place and my babies!! You all are the sweetest ever!

  2. You are definitely an angel!!! I do believe more people love you than you know! You are an animal lover and it is good that there are people like you. You are a special person and I love you! Love, Ms. Nancy