Thursday, January 29, 2015

It Was Another ... 'Oh My God!' .. Moment!

It Was Another ... 'Oh My God!' ... Moment!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

My precious Son, Tommy ... Photos on a roll of film that laid around for years ... unimportant 'then ...


We were talking ... Skip was sitting down at his desk ... I was standing beside him. His attention went to a roll of film that had been sitting on his desk, 'forever'. I wonder what's on this roll of film?

I had no idea what was on the roll of film. I know I'd taken the photos on it ... the roll had been in the desk drawer, or up on the desk with the promise we'd get it developed. We kept forgetting this roll of film for ... years.

Skip put the film canister back on the desk; we went on to forget it. How many times did we pick that little plastic canister up ... wonder what was on it. I know I told Skip what I wished it would be, but ... I knew it wouldn't be. I was, of course ... wishing for it to be photos of Tommy ... it was impossible.

A month ago, Skip actually picked up the roll of film, put it in his pocket ... took it to Walmart to have the film developed. It would be ready in two weeks. Well ... we forgot the film once again ... we waited much longer than two weeks to pick it up.

We had to go do some errands today ... remembered the film. We stopped by Walmart to pick the photos up. I was going to walk away with the photos without looking in the packet. The woman told me to look inside ... if there were any photos that didn't take ... she wouldn't charge us for them.

I opened the packet, took the photos ... and photo CD out to look at them. The first several photos weren't good ... one couldn't see anything. I 'knew' the photos wouldn't be 'nothing' ... I looked through them, anyway ...

Everything became quiet around me ... oh my God ... oh my God! Skip! Skip, you've got to look! The woman standing there became alert ... what's wrong? I couldn't tell her ... I was crying, quietly. I couldn't look away from what I held in my hands.

Tears rolled down my face ... my Heart was hurting ... I couldn't believe what I was looking at! Skip! I was holding my breath ...

Skip was stunned just like I was ... he was having a 'oh my God' moment, also. He reminded me of the wish I'd made sometime, ago.

The woman wanted to know what was affecting us that way ... we told her. I saw tears in her eyes ... she began to talk softly to us. It was like ... so quiet ... like so ... special-quiet.

The photos were of ... Tommy! They were taken on the day his little son, Taban ... was born! The day ... my only grandson was born ... the grandson I will never know ... today. Taban's mother was in them just after she had Taban ... her long hair was beautiful. I remembered how much I loved her ...

I could still see what I remembered back then ... on Tommy's face. Fatigue ... Tommy had driven his big truck hard, and long ... to get to the hospital for the birth of his son. He barely made it! He parked the tractor in the parking lot of the hospital.

I was crying tears of pain, happiness at the same time. I just couldn't believe my wish came true ... I couldn't believe ... that little roll of film was so ... important ... would mean so much to me!

It truly was ... an 'oh my God' moment.



Photos are from the film ... that sat around the house all these years since the day I took photos when Taban was born ... March 16, 2007.

I own these photos/story. Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


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  1. I'm so happy you found that roll of film and developed it. What a burst of emotion you must have felt when you saw them.

  2. That was great!! I am so glad you got more photos of Tommy and your grandson. Those are good pictures too. I know you will treasure them and keep them ever so close to your heart always. Love, Ms. Nancy