Thursday, February 26, 2015

It's A Winter Wonderland ... Out There

It's A Winter Wonderland ... Out There
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I took photos of the snow, and Pups ... our snowstorm 2-25 & 26, 2015.  Photos taken by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I can't believe it ... it snowed again!  Not only snowed again ... but, really snowed a ... for-real, thick, beautiful blanket of white!

Our Pups, Camie and Kissy love it, but ... they want to hurry back inside to be dried off.  Camie runs circles in the snow ... Kissy tried to, but ... his right leg is injured.  It slows him down.

I really didn't want anymore snow.  Last week, it was very messy, and a not so pretty snow, at all.  Well, this snow is a very beautiful snow ... one that invites you to come outside to play in it.

My mind is on making a bowl of snow cream later, today.  Not only that ... putting snow in a sparkling, clean glass ... pour Pepsi on it!  That's 'my special something' ... to do when there's a 'worthy' snow such as this!  What is your 'special something' to do?

I will get the snow off the picnic table, or Skip's pickup.  It looks to be about six inches of snow.  I can get clean snow ... it's thick enough.

Skip said he wanted me to make him a 'snow angel'.  Now, can you see me doing that ... making a Granny Gee angel?  :)  I just can't bring myself to lay down in the snow ... but, then again ... I have been known to do the ... unexpected.  :)  Who knows?  He may have to help me get up, ha!

There are over 212,000 people without electric power in North Carolina, right this minute (7:58 am on 2-26-2015).  I am so sorry ... I know how it feels.  We are fortunate.  I am grateful.  It's cold outside!

I'm going to sit here, enjoy the view outside our door!  The wind is blowing the snow, making it look like a blizzard ... reminding me of the real blizzards we have been in ... out west!  I am going to let the snow put me in a trance ... daydream!

It's a winter wonderland ... out there.

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  1. The snow here in NC is beautiful this time! I haven't been outside in it but from my windows I can see how pretty it is. You are right! We are so fortunate to have our power on. I normally make snow cream but this time I didn't. Not sure I can get outside. I just enjoy the beautiful scene from my windows. Love, Ms. Nancy