Sunday, February 15, 2015

That Was Your World ... Back Then

That Was Your World ... Back Then
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee ... photo/story owned by me.  My world sure wasn't 'perfect' ... back then.  I lived where 'everything' ... happened ... in Hell.


Where I am from ... no one ever did such things. Why, we could leave our front doors open, unlocked at all times. No one ever broke in on anyone. We never had any crime.

People didn't use to be disrespectful to others when I was growing up. They knew if they did ... someone would put them in their place; maybe ... whip their ass. Today ... people are so mean ... no one cares to be nice to others. Watch our peers on the news ... now, they fight in public, curse each other. They set these examples for our children.

All this damn technology ... I hate a cellphone, computers, all that mess! When I was young, we didn't have such a complicated life. Children played outside ... today, children don't know what playing outside is ... and if ... they play outside ... someone would steal their ass! Predators lurking around every corner! Personally ... I 'pure love' ... technology. Give me a computer, tablet, cellphone ... anytime!

No privacy! Cameras everywhere! I wonder how many times I've scratched my ass ... and it be recorded? Picked my nose? Adjusted my underwear to get it out of my crack?

Think about it ... we all do it! Of course, we don't say we do ... we pretend to be so 'above it all'. You are human, aren't you? You scratch your ass, pick your nose ... and I guarantee you ... you have to pull your underwear out of your crack ... once in a while! Don't say you don't! I saw ... you!

Back then ... when life was perfect ... the pace much slower than today ... people were courteous, more caring. No one wanted to commit crime, shoot and rape someone. In my neighborhood ... we were just close-knitted.

I beg to differ ... and what I say next is strictly once again ... my 'Gloria Opinion' ... I won't argue with anyone. You have yours, I have mine ... so, be it.

I say 'back then' ... there wasn't an over-population of people ... everyone living close quarters. So, when something happened ... no one knew it right away. News didn't travel as fast, 'back then'...

Things 'did' happen, maybe not as often ... but, they did happen. Why, I remember when I was little ... about a little girl in the countryside asleep in her bed ... was taken out of her bed, away from the house, raped. The man came through her bedroom window screen. We used to sleep with our windows up ... doors wide open.

One night, my aunt woke up to see a big man standing on the porch in the doorway. Only an unlocked screen door stood between him, and all of us ... asleep on the quilt on the floor, in the living room. She screamed, scaring him away.

People disappeared ... murder happened. What did you say? It never happened where you lived your perfect life ... in your neighborhood, 'back then'?

I don't believe it ... you still think it's like that today? Come on .... times have changed. In today's time ... any, and everything happens, now. There are so many people ... they keep coming ... when they come like cattle ... predators come, also. They lurk around silently, watching for an opportunity to strike.

They will take your little children ... beat up your parents ... rape, rob, murder them. They will never think about what they did ... they have no hearts. They prey on the weak. They have to do it ... they are animals ... they know nothing else.

Home invasions ... bust into someone's life, unexpectedly ... completely change the path of people ... families. Who in the f___ has the right to do that? But, sadly ... predators take it upon themselves to decide when they'll step into someone else's lives ... change it, forever.

Walk along your path ... without a care in the world. Trust always in everyone to not hurt, rob ... murder you. You will live in a fairy tale world ... I promise you, reality will wake you up ... or put you to sleep, permanently.

I'm not going to walk being afraid ... I would fight like hell to live. I am going to always take precaution ... not set myself up to be slaughtered. My motto is: avoid putting yourself in a compromising situation. Things do, will happen.

Of course ... they didn't ... back then. Especially ... not in your world.


  1. The only difference between then and now is that more people are talking about it now. And with photographs being more easily accessible, pornographers feel they can get away with anything. Also, I don't think it helps that media give so much attention to all the evil in the world. I wish they paid more attention to all the good things happening on this planet, but I'm told that if the focus was on good news, nobody would watch. I disagree. I think it would be inspiring.

  2. "Back then ... when life was perfect ... the pace much slower than today ... people were courteous, more caring. No one wanted to commit crime, shoot and rape someone. In my neighborhood ... we were just close-knitted. " Hi, Gloria, I agree with you. Life was much simpler then. More peaceful, less crimes, people actually reach out, talk to their neighbors, more caring. Yes, there were crimes then but the crimes nowadays are so common, more evil, more aggressive and even sadder is the fact that there are people out there who enjoyed following violence, rudeness and all things vulgar and obscene. my son is 9 and till today I can't imagine him walking by himself alone or with other kids when back when I was his age, I walked to and fro my school without fear knowing my neighborhood is safe. I pray each day that our world will change and once again be safe for our kids and that justice be due to all the evil doers who commit crimes without remorse or conscience. Take care.- Island Traveler

  3. I was laughing almost all the way through this, it was so funny. Quiet often I am getting a wedgie ( or as Charlotte says, a whenie) out of my crack. You must have been in a very funny mood today. It has worked it's magic on me.

    Love Mezza

  4. I know exactly what you mean Gloria! I do remember a girl when I was in the 5th grade and she was in the 6th grade that was kidnapped and raped. That one is the only one I remember hearing about. We just didn't hear about it so much when we were growing up. I remember our windows being up in the spring and summer time. I do remember "back when"! Love, Ms. Nancy