Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Look What Love, Prayers, Donations Did ... Created a Miracle

Look What Love, Prayers, Donations Did ... Created a Miracle
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/aka @GeeGranny on Twitter

Precious Camo ... Camie

Photos are all owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  These are not the worst photos of Camie.  You are welcome to go to hers and Kissy's Facebook page where I am posting lots of photos this week until July 4th.         https://www.facebook.com/camocameobates           Come, be their Facebook Friends.  I update almost every day.

On July 04, 2013 ... I rescued a little puppy whose name was Camo.  She was a little girl puppy.

Someone had named her Camo ... we thought she was a boy at first.  Our special friend in Australia chose her new name ... Camie.  So, you see both Precious Camo and Camie on her Facebook page.

She was near death when I picked her up off the ground.  Maggots began falling off her body.

I brought her home not knowing how I could even begin to pay for medical care to help her.  We already had our 2 Pups and we took extra-good care of them ... because we didn't want to take a chance on one having to go to the vet.  We were making it week to week ... and it was very hard.

I had in my mind that if this little puppy died ... it wouldn't die alone, unloved.  She would be with me by her side.  In my mind, I knew one way or other ... I was going to fight for her to live.  I would beg if I had to ... to get medical care for her.

We took her to Louisburg Veterinary in Louisburg, NC (Dr. David Fontenot).  We talked to him about Camie's condition.  He said he'd never seen a worse case of demodectic mange.  He kept her overnight, did tests on her.  She was in a bad way.   Not only that, she'd been bitten by a brown tick and had canine ehrlichiosis.

People ususually have dogs put to sleep when they are this bad off.  I never thought about doing that even for the first time.

She had no hair, had been exposed to the elements and was laying on the wet, cold ground when I found her.  Her skin was oozing with clear fluid, blood ... she had no hair.  Looking at her ... broke my Heart.

I was already in the grieving process for the loss of my only child, my son ... Tommy.  My attention went to this little puppy, and I became determined to make her live ... I wanted this puppy to know how it felt to be loved, to eat good food ... to be a part of us.

Now ... this comes from a person who didn't want another dog.  For years I have been tied down to the home to make sure our Pups were loved, cared for.

I didn't go on trips, on the road with Skip.  I'm the person who dearly loves to travel.  My love for our Pups ... was most important.  So, I have missed out on many miles of traveling.  It has been worth it.

Thank God ... I have traveled a lot in my younger life ... at least I'm not afraid to go out my back door, even by myself ... drive anywhere in this country of ours.  I don't really need a map to travel by ... I know how to go.  I've traveled in the past by private vehicle ... and for 3 years on a tractor-trailer ( I drove, also!  :)  At least, I got to travel ...

I hope and pray to do it again in the future.  I'd dearly love to just have a small travel trailer to pull  (we used to have one years ago).  That way, we could go on short trips at least ... and we'd have that ... the Pups and us could go, stay long as we wanted to.

I hope we can find one by a miracle that isn't so expensive ... and in the best of shape.  Anything is possible. Not only that ... if for some reason one couldn't pay high rent always ... they have a shelter over their head.

This is honestly my way of thinking.  I wish we'd kept the one we had years ago.  It would be in good shape, because we take care of our things.  I'm straying from my subject of Camie ... :)

We would carry a portable fence, set it up as needed.  We are most protective over our Pups ... Kissy and Camie.  Our Sweet Chadwick Elsworth died on January 16, 2015 during a seizure.  Skip and our 2 Pups are my whole world ... since Tommy and Chadwick, died.  I have no one else ... I treasure Skip, Camie and Kissy.

Getting back to Camie ... Precious Camo.  She has a Facebook page where one can see all the photos I'm posting this week until July 4, 2015 ... she was rescued on July 4, 2013, two years ago.

I do this each year of her life to show her new friends what condition she was in when I rescued her ... they only see her photos now ... would never know she wasn't always like that.  Like me ... Skip (cancer survivors) ... she is lucky to be here.

The people who donate constantly to Camie's and Kissy's medical care at Louisburg Veterinary in Louisburg, NC (919-496-2638) ... people who constantly keep our Pups in their prayers ... when they look at these photos ... they can see where their hard-earned money went ... know it helped 2 precious Pups get better.  They can visit the Facebook page each day for a peep into their daily life.

Not only that ... I am forever grateful to them.  They can actually see each day what they are a part of ... what they did.  If it wasn't for them ... I can't bear to think about it.

I will put photos here on this to show you.  You are welcome to come to her Facebook page, be her friend ... see how far she has come to be here.  I update her page almost every day so, one can keep up with her and Kissy, our Rottweiler.

The link to Camie's and Kissy's Facebook page is:


Photos are owned by me ... article written, owned by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter.


  1. You have been such a blessing to Camie, but I think she has been a blessing for you too. I wish I was in a better financial state to be able to help more than just that one time, and I pray you're able to continue to care for her with help from others who are more financially able to help than I am.

    1. Theresa, don't ever worry about that. I wish I were in a more financially better shape to help so many I see online. Prayers, thoughts are just as important ... to have one is special ... to have both ... how fortunate we are. Love, Gloria

  2. Precious Camie is very lucky! She has someone that loves her very dearly. Both your pups are very fortunate. I know you would have taken care of her even if others didn't help with the medical bills. I know you would have found a way somehow to take care of your pups. A truly good person you are!! Love, Ms Nancy

  3. God bless Camie and Kissy too. These pups are sure lucky you crossed their paths. Blessings to you.