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Can You Have a Big Heart ... Be a Mean-Ass at the Same Time?

Can You Have a Big Heart ... Be a Mean-Ass at the Same Time?
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Can you have a big Heart ... be a mean-ass at the same time?  Better yet ... can you be a bitch, and be a good person?

Can you show your ass ... still be a good person?  Be imperfect ... be a good person?  A worthy person?  Are you still deserving of love?

Can you be tough, not take any shit ... appear mean, tough ... and still be a good person?  Have a bad reputation?  Hell, we all know people with ... good reputations ... are perfect ... right?  Hell no.

Do you think people who look Godly are Christians?  You know the ones that look, sound so ... holy.  Oh my God, you can't believe such and such could do such a horrible thing!  Why look at them!  They look so, so ... so ... perfect!  So damn pure, innocent!  Look at that beautiful, clean, sweet smile!  No, they couldn't do anything wrong, much less commit a ... sin!  Yes, they can!  They will do it quicker, easier than someone ... who 'looks the part'.

I'm here to tell you ... just because someone 'looks the part' doesn't ... mean they are.

Just because someone looks like a motorcycle rider with long hair, scruffy beard, raspy voice doesn't mean ... they aren't a good person.  Don't look over ... there's a motorcycle going by!  Don't make eye contact, they might kill you, beat you up ... rape you.  Not true.  I have friends who are rough, tough ... who are more honest, sincere than some 'friends' who wear suits, beautiful clothes, and are ... Godly.

Don't get me wrong ... I know some people and their looks can be exactly the way they appear ... they live up to them.  I also, know ... looks can be deceiving.  Some of the people I like, love best are ... mean-asses with big Hearts.

How can I say that?  Because I mean it.  People ... you'd never expect to come to your aid ... don't always come in ... perfect packages.

Would you decline help from a homeless person who has nothing, much less the clothes on their back ... all because they didn't ... look, smell just right?  Would you?  You probably would.  I wouldn't ... and I wouldn't forget them later.  That's how much I would appreciate their help.

I don't judge people by their outer appearance.  I watch, listen, sense quietly ... without anyone being aware that I am doing so.  I build my impressions of people that way ...

Just because I look like a 'mean-ass' ... do you think I'm 'bad'?  This is a mean-ass photo.  I'm not responsible for the expression on my face ... yes, I know it's mine but ...  (God, isn't it ugly! :)

I don't even have to hear them with their 'hello-oooooooo's and how-wwwwww are you-uuuuuu's' ... (we all know that's fake-ass anyway ... don't we?) to know they aren't sincere.  That pisses me off when I hear that ... all I can do is to look directly into their eyes ... for some reason, they don't say anything else.  I don't know .... why.

Yes, I do ... see me be ... insincere ... for a moment?  Yes, I know 'why?'  People don't like for you to not pretend to ... play the game of life with them ... let's be hap-pppppppppppppppppy! when we aren't ... I don't have time for your nonsense!

Watch their eyes become vacant ... and body language change when you tell them that you don't feel well today ... my best friend was hit by a tree yesterday, then a dog bit her in the ass as a car hit both of them ... I fell down the stairs a few minutes ago, hit my head ... can't you see my nose is bleeding?

They won't even hear you ... they are so caught up in their own game of life.  I have tried that ... be damned ... no one heard me!  It was the 'devil' in me ... sometimes, I love to 'test' things so, I can later write about them.  :)

You know ... life is like this!  I would love to be an 'Impractical Joker' ... or someone on Candid Camera.  To catch reactions (only in a good way) of people ... 'test' them a little!  Do I look like a mean-ass ... bad person just because my expression isn't what you expect it to be?  Well, I'm not, and I am :)

I know all people who say 'hello-ooooooo's and how-www ar-rrrre you-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu's' ... aren't bad.  I know that.  I know too, some of them are just dumb-asses who know no better than to say what they've heard all their life.  They are afraid to be themselves.  I also, know when I worked with the public ... I wasn't like that.  I let my caring, love for people show.  It meant the world to them ... and to me ... because I felt better for it.  I was a good dumb ass, I guess.

Even your every day preacher isn't perfect, all good.  Have you ever had one chase you as a young girl ... I mean literally chase your ass around a room ... just to get a kiss?  In the name of ... Jesus?

How about your school teacher ... a local law enforcement officer ... Sunday school teacher ... barber ... the good wife ... good husband?  Do you think just because they are labeled 'good wife' ... 'good husband' ... 'grandfather' ... policeman ... trooper ... teacher ... that they are perfect?  That they are good people?  Honest, sincere and perfect people?  I bet you do.  No, they aren't.

Just because you have a 'label' like the label inside of  a 'brand-name' dress doesn't mean it won't ... ravel, tear, split just like its cheaper brands.  Why?  Because it isn't ... perfect.  It's not ... all good ... it's not ... better than.  That damn fabric can do just like every other kind can ... be it good or be it ... bad.  Do you know that?  I think you do.

Artwork by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee ... just because a dress is beautiful ... doesn't mean it's perfect, can't tear, split no matter what label is on it ... same as people.  I know ... I've been torn, split, worn thin by life ... I am made of tough fabric, strengthened by life ... yet, I cry, feel sad, love and care with my Heart ... and I'm a mean-ass person sometimes ... and I have a big Heart.  :)

How many times have you worn something and it split?  button pop off?  ripped?  Be damned if my dress from Macy's didn't ... just split!  It was supposed to be the best ... not supposed to do that!

Oh my God!  That man committed a crime years ago ... he served time in prison for it.  Does that make him a bad person for the rest of his life?  Oh my goodness?  Did you see that woman just steal an ink pen, and a magazine while in the waiting room of the doctor's office?  Damn thief!  She's bad!  No matter how good they are, try to be ... they are supposed to be bad the rest of their life?  I bet you think they are.  They are ... not.

I choose my friends not from their past ... but as they are today.  I choose my friends who are real people ... aren't afraid to be real.  I love people who just come out, say 'hell, I'm not perfect ... I'm just me'.  I love people who are just themselves.

Now why? do I love real people who are just themselves?  Because when I choose 'something good' to eat ... it's like food ... I want each thing to taste 'true to its taste'.  I want flavor ... the more the better ... if I want to mix my flavors to get a more spicy dish, I will.  I don't want the same kind of friend every time ... in life, we all need our friends of different walks of life.

We need our good friends and our mean-ass friends ... friends who aren't afraid to walk ahead for us when we are afraid to take another step.  Do you agree?

I bet you do when you run up with something in life ... you don't know which way to turn ... you are afraid.  A mean-ass comes along ... offers to help you ... walks ahead of you, protecting and looking out for you until you can cross the bridges of obstacles in your life.

When you get to the other side ... aren't you glad you have a tough, mean-ass friend who had a big-ass Heart?  I sure am.  Thank God for them!

Watch a movie ... watch yourself.  You are rooting for the 'bad' guy a lot of times.  He isn't really bad though ... you see him doing 'bad' things just enough to do what he needs to accomplish.  Yes, I know mean-ass people who have big Hearts ... I treasure them.

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Note by this Author:

When I write about mean-ass people I know ... I am not condoning doing 'bad' things.  I only go by how they treat me.  This doesn't mean people who have raped, done very awful things ... though if they step out of their way to save me ... I'm going to be grateful.  I'm not going to question ... you'll see pure gratefulness in my eyes.

All I have written are my opinions, thoughts.  I have the right to change my mind at any given moment.  If you talk to me in person and I say something different ... that means I exercised my right :)

I call this way of being ... my 'Gloria Opinions'.  I have lots of them, doesn't mean I'm always right ... doesn't mean I'm perfect.  All it means is my mind does a helluva lot of thinking.  I have to write so I will have room for more thoughts ... they never stop coming.  Just think of a wonderful river of clear water overflowing its banks touching your toes to get them wet!  That's 'me' ... and I'm a good person ... sometimes, a 'mean-ass' person.

Oh ... I am not perfect.  All I learned in my life are from lessons I've been taught from doing a lot wrong.  I learned well.  I like me ... today.  I hope you will too.  I know you won't ... unless you like genuinely real, and good people.

Oh ... yes, I sometimes ... say a cuss word.  It's in me ... I've known, heard them since 'before' I was born.  I came from a hell-raising family ... I know they didn't just stop to be holy, Godly people while my mother carried me in the wound.

I know they cussed, raised Hell all the way until I came into this world ... and they never stopped when I was a child.  I had a Hell-luva childhood :)  That's okay ... I'm stronger, better for it.

Photos/colors of my life, opinions are owned by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

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  1. Most people have a mean streak in them from time to time. Sometimes we all have to do things to protect ourselves or our loved ones. I do my best to be a Christian person but like everyone else------I am not perfect and I do make mistakes. You are a good person. I have known you since childhood. I love you for being you! Love, Ms. Nancy