Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Do I Look Like a ... Carol?

Do I Look Like a ... Carol?
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

I was sitting here thinking about names I love.  I was thinking once again about ... if ... I had a choice ... what would I name myself?

I am partial to the name in my book I gave to my main character.  Victoria Fairchild ...  I love that name.  The name Victoria has always stood out to me.  Maybe I was a Victoria in a ... previous life.  We'll never know.

It's really strange how people will keep calling you a name that isn't your own ... and they have been told repeatedly what your name is.

I think it's strange ... it has to happen for a reason we don't understand.  Did they know you from a previous life ... and remember subconsciously?

When I worked at the hospital, there was a woman who worked in dietary ... no matter over the years ... when she'd see me, she'd say, "Hello Carol"!

I told her lots of time that my name wasn't ... Carol.  Co-workers would tell her.  I truly ... pure hated ... the name Carol for me.  I didn't look or feel like a ... Carol.

She never stopped calling me Carol ... and she liked me, always had a happy smile for me ... I stopped telling her my name wasn't Carol.  To this day ... I am still Carol to her.  Isn't it just strange?

I love my first name ... Gloria.  I grew up hating my middle name ... Faye.  When I use it by writing my whole name at one time ... I like Faye ... only when I write my whole name.

You know I love these names ... through time I have named our dogs these names.  Some are:
Fairchild ... Stafford ... Chadwick Elsworth ... Kissy Fairchild ... Miss Sadie Maye ... Stormy ... the list goes on.

I love the spelling of names, today.  The names take on a special flair when they are spelled in a non-traditional way.  I think they become more special.

Crystal becomes Krystal.  Alice become Alycce.  You see what I mean ... it's like putting a bow on a present.  The present takes on another look ... instead of plain, it's now beautiful.

If I could name myself, I would name me Victoria Fairchild and my nickname would be ... HappyColors.  :)  Silly, but ... that's what I would do.

What names stand out to you?  I'm sure I would love a lot of them.  Oh ... do I look like a Carol to you?  Don't say I do!!!

Photos/article owned/written by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.


  1. Three different times, when I was living in the suburbs of Chicago (I was born in Chicago), three different people thought I was Linda – not that I "looked" like her, but that I "was" her. By the third person, I was so curious about who this Linda was, I wanted to meet her. I never did find out who she was, though. I think names are important. And spelling them differently changes their energy. Look what happened to Oprah. Her mother wanted to call her Orpah from the Bible, but she misspelled Oprah's name on her birth certificate. When you say her name, you think of nobody else but her.

    1. I think your name becomes you... and your name 'Wiza' has always stood out to me ... like mysterious. I thought about it ... I think because of this: Wiza ... rd. :) Wizard! I loves wizards and such ... stories!

  2. Since my parents gave me a typical Latvian name I have often thought about what I would like to be called. Some names that stand out for me are April, Shannon and Cheryl.

    1. I love your name, too! It is more special because it's not an everyday name as April, Shannon, and Cheryl here. :) I understand though, it's like I would name myself ... Victoria Fairchild. :)

  3. No I don't think you look like a "Carol" at all. I do like the name "Gloria". It reminds me of the Christmas song "Glo----ri----a" I think it is a special name and it fits you perfect! Love, Ms. Nancy