Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hurry ... He's Waiting For Me

Hurry ... He's Waiting For Me
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter


Skip and I ... we are soulmates ... beginning to end.  Our love is so special.

Side by side, hand in hand ... faces turned toward each other in sleep ... slight smile from saying goodnight before both went to sleep.

Soulmates ... each precious face was lined, etched from living life.  No longer worrying over being pretty, handsome.  No longer worrying what people thought ... how much money they had ... having a nice car.  Life had been hard for them ... not any more.

They were nearing the end of their life ... no one was left in this world to love them ... they only had each other.  Thankfully, the people in the nursing home treated the old couple well.  Thankfully ... they had each other.

The nursing assistant stood in the doorway of their room ... she listened to the couple breathe softly as they slept.  It seemed as if only one person was breathing ...

She walked over to listen.  Both beds had been pushed so, both could be beside the other.  The woman's hand was held by the man's hand.  A special sight ... so private ... heart-touching.  The nursing assistant's eyes filled with tears.  So much love ... she felt so much love emanating from them ... she knew it came from many years of being very close.

The nursing assistant pushed the beds apart gently, slid in between them.  She reached out to hold the man and woman's hands together as she leaned over to make sure both were breathing.  She held her breath ...

Oh no!  The woman was breathing softly ... the old man was very quiet.  She gently removed the woman's hand from the old man's hand.  Oh my, she thought.

She pushed both beds apart as quietly as she could.  The old woman still slept.  The nursing assistant walked back to the door, stopped when she heard a whisper.  She turned around ...

"Please, push me back to hold my husband's hand.  Hurry, he's waiting for me".  The nursing assistant didn't stop to question.  She walked to the old woman's bed, pushed it quickly back to where it was.  The old woman reached out for her husband's hand.

"Thank you.  It's time for me to go ... Harry's waiting for me on the other side.  All I have to do is to close my eyes".  She smiled the sweetest of smiles, closed her eyes.  The nursing assistant stood, listened to the old woman's breathing.

Tears flowed down her face as she heard the change in the old woman's breathing.  She began to cry silently at the pure love she felt in the room.  She had never felt anything like that before.

"There you are Harry!  I'm coming to you".  The nursing assistant watched the old woman smile, her eyes were closed.  She held onto her husband's hand ... her breathing went away.  The room became quiet.  The nursing assistant had never seen such a beautiful, special sight.

There was a soft, golden light around them ... she thought she saw movement in it.  She did see movement ... the old man was reaching for his wife's hand!  They both faded out of sight, the light went away.

The nursing assistant began to sob.  She knew she'd witnessed something no one else had ever seen.  She went into the hall to go tell her supervisor.

She thought she heard soft laughter in the very air around her.  She felt such happiness in the air ... she heard someone say I love you!

A smile came on the nursing assistant's face ... sadness lifted from her heart.  She knew somehow ... that instead of death being a bad thing ... this was the most beautiful death she'd ever seen.  The couple were together from ... beginning to the ending.

Note by this Author:  I heard something similar to this on a tv program.  My mind went on to think about Skip and I.

I had the impression that the older couple being talked about was just as close as Skip and I are ... I think the husband died, and just before he did, he said he was going on ahead to prepare the way for his wife.

That really happened ... of course, my story is fictional ... since Skip and I are still here.  :)  I had it on my mind thinking how beautiful their story was ... I think the man's wife died 4 days later.

Photos/story all owned, written by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter


  1. Sad but lovely story. My hubby and I are also soulmates.

    1. So special, just like Skip and I are. I wonder how many people are soulmates?

  2. I have known you and Skip were sould mates ever since I have been knowing you! I think it is so special to have a soul mate. My brother and his wife were soul mates. Unfortunately cancer claimed his wife almost 2 months ago. It is so sad to watch one sould mate go and the other left here to go one without their mate. I still think soul mates are great!! It is wonderful to have someone so special here in this world with you while you are still here. Love, Ms. Nancy