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Did You Know Dogs Can Climb? When Life Reaches Out to Touch You Unexpectedly ...

Did You Know Dogs Can Climb?  When Life Reaches Out to Touch You Unexpectedly ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

Kissy Fairchild Bates ... Our Rottie

Precious Camo/Camie Leigh Bates ... Our Mixed-Perfectly Australian Shepherd

Do you ever think if you stay at home ... mind your own business, not bother anyone ... that the world will leave you alone?

Even if you never socialize ... close yourself off to the world ... stay private not ever speaking to someone, or go around someone else ... did you know ... the world can touch your life ... reach in, jerk your ass out of your little world ... whether you like it or not?

Seriously ... think about it.  I will give you just a little example of what I mean ... we are private people and we love to be around people ... so, don't think we are so private we don't get around other people.

We like people ... we love to talk ...  just at home it's hard to have company ... our Pups aren't used to visitors ... they will bark, raise Cain if someone comes.  Not exactly a good visiting atmosphere ... it's their home, too.  We have never had many visitors so, it's understandable.  The Pups deter visitors ...

Getting back to what I mean about the ... world reaching out to touch you ... while you are in your own little world, minding your business, not bothering anyone.

We live to ourselves ... our Pups have a small fenced-in yard with a locked gate.  They go in and out through their pet door.  They are clean, and they are house-broken.  They are good Pups ... they never run loose in the neighborhood.

To us it would be like letting little children run all over the place who are innocent to the perils of the world.  They might never-ever make it back home ... wild animals, other dogs, a car could make their little journey out running around ... be the last time we see them.  Too many dangers ... something could kill them ... just like that.  I can't bear to think of it.

Getting back once again to what I mean about the world ... life ... reaching out to touch you ... while you are in your own little world.

We were sitting in the living room ... our 2 Pups laying close to us.  We were watching something on tv.  I heard an unfamiliar bark and I thought it was on tv.  It didn't take but, a moment to realize that no!  it was in our back fenced-in yard.  I hurried to the door, Skip behind me ... of course, our 2 Pups ( I hate to call them dogs :).

The Pups ran out their pet door, immediately began wildly barking, growling.  I knew something was out there!  I opened the door and didn't see anything at first ... I looked at the end of the porch where our dogs were ... going crazy!

I couldn't believe my eyes ... there was a small Beagle dog barking, growling back at our Pups!  She was inside their fenced-in yard!  We began immediately putting a barrier between the dogs ... we couldn't bear for any of them to get hurt!

I went inside, got a baby gate I use on the front storm door in case a Pup ever decided to jump up on it ... I don't take chances, nor take anything for granted ... I protect our Pups.  Anyway ...

The little Beagle ran up onto the porch, got beneath the bench making it easier to protect it.  I got our 2 Pups' leashes, put them on the Pups ... brought them inside ... closed up their pet door.

We were going to calm the Beagle down ... let it go back outside the fence.  We kept wondering 'who would have dropped the dog over our fence'?  About that time ... a man walked up ... he was looking for his two little Beagle dogs ... named Laverne and Shirley.

Shirley was the Beagle on our porch.  We unlocked the gate, let the man come in to get his dog.  The man had a belt in his hand ... before I let him get the little dog ... I asked him, "are you going to whip that dog?"  He smiled, said ... "no! I'm going to use it like a leash".

He went on to tell me he always let the little dogs run in this neighborhood when he came to visit.  I asked him not to do that anymore ... because there were other big dogs that ran free here, and something bad could happen ... because something did happen this past summer.

The man was visiting his son ... had always brought his dogs to run free.  He said he wouldn't do it again.  He was concerned to where his other little dog was.  He got Shirley and went walking off calling ... Laverne!  I pray he found her, too.

If I hadn't felt good about that man ... he'd had a problem getting the little Beagle dog.  The belt bothered me, but I saw how the little dog reacted to him.  It loved him, and it got as tight to the man's chest when he picked it up.  That made me know the little Beagle wasn't afraid of him.  The man held it tightly, he was glad to find her.

See what I mean about ... how Life can reach out to touch your life and you are in your own world?  Who would have thought a dog would have been inside our fence ... a strange dog?  Thank God, we were home ... the outcome might not have been good at all.

You would think we could let our guard down at home.  To a degree, we can ... we still have to be alert around us.  How did the dog get into our fenced-in yard?

Did you know Beagle dogs can climb?  No one around here would have put a dog inside our Pups' fence ( with a Rottweiler and an Australian Shepherd).  Skip was telling me how they can climb fences.  I went online ... watched a video of a Beagle dog ... climbing a fence!  Amazing!

I didn't know dogs could climb.  Did you?

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

Note by this Author:

True story/photo written ... owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


  1. Yes, I know dogs can climb. My Chug Moose, his brother would climb the backyard fence. To go looking for his owner when i was fostering him.

  2. I did not know that any kind of dog could climb!!!! It is a good thing you and Skip were home. You are right! If you had not been home the outcome would have definitely been different. I am glad your pups are ok. Love, Ms. Nancy