Friday, April 8, 2016

I May Have To Ask For Financial Help ... I Don't Have A Family Support System

April 08, 2016 ... Friday ... Update on Skip ... and ,,, The Pups

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

Since January .. my Husband has almost died 3 times ... stroke, congested heart failure ... he had a pacemaker put in ... had 2 heart stents put in ... suffered a groin bleed ... kidney failure, had a kidney stent put in ... plus much more than I will say.  On top of it all, he had pneumonia.  

For the 4th month, we have been battling his illnesses.  He has been in the hospital 3 times ... he has also, fallen 3 times due to his heart failure.  All of this time ... somehow, I've made it with my own medical conditions to be there for him.  I love my Husband with my very Heart.  I'm afraid for him.

I will have surgery later this month on top of it all.  I am going to my doctor appointments at the same time as going to Skip's, and to the hospital.  Like today ... we had 3 appointments to go to ... some days there are two appointments.

Today at the doctor's visit ... Skip's condition has taken another serious turn.  I don't know what we will do for money, we need tires for the pickup to drive back, forwards to Raleigh (40 miles going, 40 miles coming back) ... we need to change the oil.  Skip is too sick to understand, worry about these things. He always took care of these things for us.  

I have been alone in all of this ... no one to talk to, to go to.  I've been focusing on running everyday to be with Skip ... praying that the pickup will hold up.  I have no one to help me financially ... I can't  just go to anyone to ask for help.  

I'm in a position I don't know what to do.  So, I will go forward, as far as I can.  If I can't go any farther ... I will have to ask for help ... someone suggested to make a GoFund Me page like I did when I needed help to help our Pups.  

If I do have to make a GoFund Me page to ask for help ... it's because I have no where to turn ... I have no one left in this world to be here for me. This is what happens when one's family dies out ... no family/friend support system.  

I have no one but, Skip and our Pups.  What I'm trying to say is ... if you see me ask for help publically .... it's because I have no choice.  I have to be there for Skip, and our Pups.  I don't want to sound like I'm begging for help when I ask.  I'm afraid I am going to have to ask in the near future.  

I can't ask in person ... I'm afraid to take from someone because in my mind I worry about them needing it.  I know I have given my last dollar in the past ... and I don't want to take someone's 'last dollar'.  I can't take advantage of anyone.

I'm a giver, and I've never been a taker ... only in extreme situations.  This is an extreme situation that may cause me to ask for help ... and I'm so sorry I have to.  If you see me ask for help, just know that I have to.


This is to my Facebook Friends:  (I posted this this evening ... to update everyone) ...

Today's appointment wasn't good at all ... all is more complicated. I won't go into detail about it here, anymore. All is too serious ... and our life has taken another unexpected turn ... it has gotten much harder, more serious. I will respect Skip's privacy at this point ... he doesn't want me to talk about his condition to anyone right now.

At the moment, we've been knocked to the ground ... we are going to stay down for this weekend, rest. We both are so mentally, physically tired from all Skip has suffered these past 3 months.

Once we are rested .... strong again ... we will get up ... dust our pants off ... and go to battle once more in our life. We have a war to win ... and my fighting spirit will pull us through. I feel it fired up for the fight ... I just need rest now ... I've more than reached my breaking point.

Just like I told Skip ... no matter what ... all is going to be alright. Thank you all for caring. heart emoticon I won't talk about this to anyone no time soon. Some things have to be private. I know my Facebook Friends understand. I send you all love.

 heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon
Our Pups are taken good care of ... always. When I leave for all these appointments ... I leave them lots of water, food out. We love, pet them constantly. heart emoticon


  1. Your friends that know you know that if you ask for help it will be because you absolutely have to. I will keep you and Skip in my prayers.It is sad when one loses all their family members that care enough to help. Take care of you for me! Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. The words in this post are the words I would use to set up your GoFundMe page. Yes, some people are abusing that site, but those of us who know you, know that your request is sincere. When you set it up, please let me know and give me the link. I'll post it on my page and I'll write a blog that I hope will help too.

  3. You are both in my prayers. Blessings to you and I know the Lord is looking out for you. If you need to set up a page for finances it is the way to go. I can also pass your link on so let me know. Love and hugs from my side of the world.

    1. Thank you very much. A lady on my Facebook took my name, address and PayPal email address to see if people would help me. Several people have, thankfully. I don't know what I would do if no one helps ... I can't get financial help anywhere, here. If you'd like to share the information on what's she's doing ... I'll put it here. I don't know if many people can help, I know they have their own lives to take care of ... I may have to try the GoFundMe page a little later. For now, here is our address: Skip and Gloria Bates, 268 Beasley Rd, Louisburg, NC 27549 ... my PayPal email address is: The word 'at' has to be after gloriapaintsat .... on my email. I would love for Skip to get cards to show how people care, I've told him all this time. It would be special for him to hold that love, caring in his hands to actually see. :) Thank you so much. Love, Gloria