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Part 15: Victoria Enters The Cave ...

Part 15:   Victoria Enters The Cave ...     Victoria Fairchild Saga Continues

Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  Dedicated to my friend ... Nancy Smith Satterwhite to read while she recovers from surgery.

Photo owned/taken by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Everything became quiet ... as Victoria walked into the woods.  She was uneasy.  She had been dreading the day when it was time to come back.

With Victoria's special abilities she had to be here to help ... to prevent loss of life.  The officers would have no way of knowing what they were up against.  Who ever heard of animal-people who ate other people?

Actually ... Victoria felt a little afraid ... something she wasn't used to feeling.  Even she didn't know what would happen.  She had to be very careful.

She heard faint sounds ahead the closer she got to the cave entrance.  Growling?  As she drew near ... she blended into the shadows ... she was the shadow.

There were five ... no, ten animal people.  They were adults.  Victoria watched them slip into the woods in the opposite direction.  Good!  For a moment she was afraid they were going in the direction she'd come.

Victoria changed back to her physical form ... walked to the entrance.  She slipped behind the foliage that hid the entrance to the cave ... began walking.

Soon ... she was in the middle of the cave where a fire burned.  Where was everyone?  Victoria became a shadow again ... she moved to the holes in the cave wall.  There she saw sleeping animal-people ... some with their young sleeping on the floor near them.

Victoria found a narrow tunnel ... she followed it ... hoping it was the exit.  It twisted, turned until finally it straightened into a hallway that led to a hole covered by a huge rock.  Victoria saw a gap and went through it to the outside.  The exit!

Instead of going back into the cave ... Victoria began walking in the direction she hoped was the parking lot where Tom and his men were.  She didn't want to waste time going back through the cave.

Her instincts were right ... she could hear talking in the distance.  She was going to come out to the opposite side of the parking lot where the men were parked.

She walked up to Tom ... told him all she saw.  The officers had already blocked off the park ... no one was allowed in.  It was too dangerous ... no one knew what to expect.

She saw red plastic containers lined up ... gas.  Tom told her they would set fire inside the cave ... where the main living was done by the animal-people.  They would spread gas from the main living quarters all the way to both entrance ... exit.  This was the plan.

Victoria would first guide Tom and half of the men to the entrance ... come back ... guide the remaining men to the exit.  She would step back ... let them do their work.

Victoria noticed one of the officers stepping away from the group.  She kept her eye on him.  It was dangerous to split up ... there was safety in numbers.

He walked toward the trees.  She saw him step behind one.  Victoria had a bad feeling.  Tom was still talking to his men as she turned to him.  She wanted him to tell the men not to walk far from each other.

She heard a horrible scream come from the direction the officer had disappeared.  Sounds of a violent struggle ... growling, grunts ... and the most awful sounds of a human being hurt.

Victoria saw the group she'd seen earlier when going to the cave.  She ran up ... she began shooting the animal-monsters one by one.  The officers began shooting.  Thank God they could be killed.  They began falling to the ground.

The officer lay in a pool of blood.  His arms had been ripped off ... one leg was dangling by a piece of skin.  He tried to moan ... his lips had been bitten off.  Victoria felt sick.  She stood there as Tom tried to save him.  The man took a deep breath ... died looking up at Victoria.  She saw the light go out of his eyes.

Tom called for an ambulance to come ... not to use sirens.  Soon ... it came ... loaded up the officer.  Victoria watched as they picked up the half-eaten arms ... placed them beside the body on the stretcher.  One of the EMTs placed a sheet over the body.  She watched as spots of blood formed on the sheet.  Bloody polka dots on the sheet.

Tom gathered everyone back onto the parking lot.  I don't care who has to piss ... you don't step away from the others!  I've lost one man ... I don't want to loose another one!

Victoria showed Tom and his men where the entrance was ... she left to go back to the remaining men.  Victoria would be happy to have this behind her.

Soon ... Victoria and the men were at the exit ... the men were going to make Victoria stay behind.  She shook her head ... I have to go ahead of you to let you know just before you get to the living quarters.

Victoria reached the center of the cave ... she walked quickly back to the men to tell them the living quarters were about twenty feet away.  The leader of the men told her to leave now ... they would take care of the rest.  Victoria couldn't leave fast enough.

To Be Continued ...

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  1. Glad Victoria listened to the officers! I wouldn't want anything to happen to her. Once again Victoria took care of business!! Thank you Gloria! Love, Ms Nancy