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Apple Seeds ... Part 4 of Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga

I want to share a continuation of my story about the man with the little ... strange smile. It is written by my friend, Camille Lunsford. I love it! She is inspiring me to write and it's fun! Below is what has happen to date in Camille Lunsford's own words!  Welcome Camille Lunsford ... let's write this story and have fun!

An apple seed ... well maybe 150 apple seeds ... can keep the doctor away for ... ever. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Apple Seeds ... by Camille Lunsford ... Part 4 of Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

The man with the little smile has been plotting again. Week after week, he buys apples at the grocery store. 

Last fall, he went to the orchard and picked bushels of apples. Gina, one of the owners at Mountain View Orchards, knows him well. ' That smile,' says Gina. The orchard owners know he loves their apples, and he is one of their best customers. 

'Your apples make the best cider' he told Gina. ' I make cider, and give it as Christmas gifts'...seems sweet enough, since he is after all, a middle-aged man on a fixed income. His exposure to agent orange in the Vietnam War left him on disability. The strange but sweet man gave Gina one last little smile....and loaded his apples into his trunk. 'See you next time' he said as he drove away, while Gina waved. When he got home, he had work to do. Carefully, he sliced several bushels of apples, smiling all the while. He extracted the seeds, saved them in a jar. He had numerous jars of seeds saved, all from prior apple purchases. 'Now, he said, as he threw the apples out behind his shed.....this will keep those damn deer happy for a while'. 

The quirky man had an unfortunate childhood. His father was killed in WW11, and his mother had 6 children to raise on her own. She was crazy, and would lock the children in the cellar, while she went whoring around, sometimes for money....sometimes for drugs. A couple days later, she'd return, hung over....and would beat them for not cooking or cleaning FOR HER.
He readily joined the army, to go fight in Vietnam. Even this seemed like a better life than the hell he lived in back home. 

Smiling his devilish smile....he opened his closet. He took out a uniform of his fathers, a Shriner's uniform. This uniform would be perfect, he thought. I will use it next weekend.....the smiles would not subside. 

The next day, he went to the store. He bought brownie mixes and plastic wrap. He couldn't stop smiling, thinking about the Shriner's bake sale he was planning outside Walmart. 

When he returned home, he whistled while he worked. " Let me get this shit done' he said to himself, laughing. He mixed up brownie batter. Then carefully, he ground his apple seeds he had been saving for over a year. He placed them in large plastic bags, and beat them with a hammer until they were a fine, dustlike powder. 'Perfect' he said. 'Fucking perfect' he smiled. 

The smiling man knew apple seeds contain cyanide, that one apple had 8-10 seeds. 150 seeds contained enough cyanide to kill a person. Very much of deadly.

He measured several tablespoons of cyanide powder, poured it into the brownie batter.....'this will fix those prissy little bitches who strut into Wal-Mart every weekend, teasing me like little fucking whores!"
He carefully sliced and wrapped each brownie. 'I have to cover my tracks', he thought. So he made a batch of plain brownies without the poison, so as people fell ill..or died, they wouldn't be able to tie the brownies to anything. He mixed cyanide brownies with regular brownies, leaving no pattern. Once all the brownies were wrapped, ready for the Shriner's bake sale, he got out his late father's uniform. Smiling.....and ready to sell some 'goodies'. 

The car load of girls came just as he had hoped. 'Good morning girls' he smiled as they smiled back. ' I am selling brownies for the Shriners Association' as he pointed to his badge and uniform. 'My wife made these'.....the girls giggled as they scuffled in their purses to find change. They each bought a brownie....who got cyanide and who didn't was like playing Russian Roulette. 'Thank you ladies' he said as he smiled his sick, evil smile. 

'No, thank you, sir...' said the blonde, as she unwrapped, and began to eat...her brownie.
'be careful, girls, he said. 'There's a lot of crazy people in the world'.....then he smiled.
'We are always careful,' said one of the girls.

Chuckling to himself....he said as they walked away...' 'Not careful stupid bitches'. 'Not careful enough'.

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  1. Yep! The man is crazy!! Good writing! Keep it up! Love, Ms Nancy