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Walter Sebastian Became a New Man ... Part 13 of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga

Walter Sebastian Became A New Man ...     Part 13 of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga     ...written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Sometimes ... we have to reinvent ourselves to go in a new direction ... sad when we are still ourselves the whole time. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

One day Walter Sebastian decided he was lonely.  He wanted to have someone nearby to talk to ... only when he wanted to talk.  He wasn't going to put up with a damn motor-mouth woman.  She was going to have to keep her mouth shut if he got a woman.

He kicked back on the couch with his legs propped up on the back.  This was his favorite position. Walter Sebastian had a couple pillows behind his head.  He didn't notice how nasty the pillow cases were.

A pillow to Walter was just a pillow ... no more ... no less.  Pillow ... just a pillow.  The wind is wind ... air is air ... no more ... no less.  Walter only saw things ... one way.  He didn't see beauty ... well ... sometimes he did.  Why would Walter want pretty pillow cases on his pillows?

Walter Sebastian didn't see colors like the average person did.  His mind was closed to many things. Like the pillow ... if it had the prettiest pillow case on it ... it would still be just a ... pillow.  His mind couldn't think past that.

He thought about getting him a woman ... soon he changed his mind.  He didn't need a damn woman in his house.  Walter Sebastian decided he wasn't lonely ... he was bored.

Walter Sebastian wanted to have some fun.  It had been a while since he had been out ... had fun.  He grinned ... damn! he had fun with that old man in the wheelchair ... then he scowled ... he remembered all that piss that sprayed up on him until he vomited from the stench of it.  That ... wasn't fun.  He'd puked all over the old man.

He felt nauseous thinking about it.  Naw, that wasn't any fun.  He lay staring up at the stained ceiling ... yellow from nicotine.  Walter smoked like a freight train.  Hell ... he was the freight train.

A light bulb went off in Walter's head ... be damn!  I'm going to church he thought!  I need a little saving ... a little scripture ... maybe some home cooking from a reunion or two.  Yep ... Walter was going to church this next Sunday.  He had several days to get ready.

Visions of women in their Sunday finest ... young girls who done ungodly things when all eyes were on the preacher.  Yeah, Walter knew what young girls did when in church ... and boys, too.  He used to be one of those boys.  He always came home with the ...holy spirit ... feeling full of happiness.

He wanted some more of that.  It had been a long time for Walter and it was ... about time.  He began to visualize his last girl ... he could see her beautiful breasts in his mind.  Walter began to lick his tongue on his lips ... his hands went to a familiar place.

Walter began stroking himself ... his eyes closed tightly.  When the moment came ... Walter hollered out, "Hallelujah"!  He would like to put his hands somewhere else ... besides on himself.  Walter laughed with his evil self ... I want to go to a ... holy ... place!  That he would ... it was just a matter of time.

Walter Sebastian went to town ... parked in front of the local barbershop.  When he walked out thirty minutes later ... he almost ... looked handsome!  Now ... Walter was going shopping for new clothes. How long had it been ... five years ... ten years since he shopped for clothes?

He parked near the men's shop ... sat a few moments.  Did he want to go back to being well-dressed again?  He had hidden so long behind this facade ... years.  No one ever recognized him when he met up with them.  He knew they had no idea where Walter Sebastian Corbett had gone.

He decided he wanted to be the man he used to be ... at least for a time.  He needed a woman ... at least for a little while.

Walter Sebastian had rented a nice house ... had furniture delivered ... set in place.  He bought groceries ... all was put away in the cabinets, refrigerator.  The house looked like someone had lived there for a time.  Walter found out while working around making all nice ... it felt good being in a nice home once again.

Now ... to get the clothes he needed ... he'd be set.  Oh ... he needed a new car ... he'd already picked it out and would pick it up late evening at the dealership.

Walter Sebastian owned the land, old house he lived at.  He could go back there anytime ... who knows ... he might need to go have fun there.  He always needed a place no one knew about.

Now ... Walter owned a newer house, also.  He didn't have close neighbors ... nor did he want them. The last thing Walter needed was a nosy neighbor ... besides ... he didn't really want to meet up with ... old friends.

When night came ... Walter had everything in place.  He had his new car.  Clothes filled his closet ... shoes, ties, belts.  In the morning ... Walter would be dressing to go to church.  Tonight he was going to have a little fun ... in the swimming pool.

He walked to the sliding doors ... out on the patio ... to the pool.  Walter Sebastian stood there ... a new man ... a good-looking man.  He was getting ready to jump into the new swimming pool ... yellow polka dots on dark blue shorts ... and all.

Soon ... Walter Sebastian tired of playing in the water.  He felt relaxed.  His mind had wandered to finding a woman ... and what he'd do when he got one.  He felt himself harden ... put his hands where it felt good ... so-ooo good.  He saw himself with an imaginary woman ... and soon ... he smiled and moaned ... 'Amen'!

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  1. I am not sure that Walter could even pay a woman to be with him! Just have to wait and see what happens. All you women need to watch out for Walter! Love, Ms Nancy