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Walter Sebastian Got Saved! ...Part 15 of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga

Walter Sebastian Got Saved!          ...Part 15 of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga
Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Sometimes ... even evil people can be good ... at least for a ... few minutes. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Walter Sebastian came into his house slamming the door as hard as he could.  The door vibrated with his anger.  Damn son of a bitch!  Damn that fat bitch and her mama, too!

He was so angry ... he paced the floor around and around.  He didn't stop until he'd circled the room fifty times.  Walter Sebastian fell onto his plush, floral couch.  He didn't see the flowers, leaves ... colors on the beautiful couch.  He didn't give a shit for nothing.  Oh, he was some kind of mad ... he might just go take her ass out!

Finally, Walter Sebastian calmed down ... he got up ... stripped his clothes off and put them in the utility room.  He walked naked into the shower ... turned on the cold water ... made it warm.  Damn, he was still mad!  That puking ... smiling bitch!  Smiling-puking bitch!

When Walter Sebastian got mad ... he was pure mad ... no in-betweens like just a little mad ... a lot mad.  Walter Sebastian was madder than a bear ... as a matter of fact ... Walter Sebastian would fight a bear as mad as he got.  He had such rage inside ... so hot you could hear the flames of fire burning in hell.  His eyes turned blood-red ... Satan stared out of them.  God forbid someone came into his personal space when he was this angry.

He felt better once he was clean ... put on his signature shorts ... always polka dots of every color in the world.  Today his polka dots were purple on green ... his favorite colors.

Walter went to his bedroom to lay down.  He got comfortable laying on his back ... two pillows under his head ... shoulders.  His hands went to a familiar place ... Walter Sebastian needed comfort ... he found it when he began touching himself softly.

As his hand picked up speed ... Walter Sebastian arched his hips upward to the sky as the fireworks went off.  He fell back to the bed exhausted ... fell asleep with his strange little grin on his lips.  He knew what he was going to do ... he was going back to church ... fifty miles away.

The following Sunday found Walter Sebastian walking up the steps to go inside the big church fifty miles away.  He could hear the hallelujahs and amens as he entered the door.  He looked to the preacher as he walked up the aisle to take a seat ... the preacher smiled ... said, 'welcome, brother'.

Walter stepped inside a row of seats ... sat down in the first empty space he came to.  He waited to look to see who he was sitting beside.  When he did look ... he knew instantly this was the one!

He felt a throbbing in his polka dotted shorts ... today they were Sunday yellow polka dots on red.  He reached to the back of the pew in front of him ... took a book out of the book holder.  He placed the hymnal in his lap ... his book raised up ... down ... with no help from his hands.  He had a hard on!

He sneaked another peep at the woman he was sitting beside.  Walter Sebastian knew he'd found ... the one.  Damn ... he couldn't sit still for the feelings in his shorts. His hips wanted to move hard under the hymnal ... to the beat of hallelujah and amen!  It was all Walter Sebastian could do to sit still.

AMEN!  Walter Sebastian said it with passion he felt for the woman beside him.  He never looked at her ... people around him turned to see the passionate man.  He smiled as he looked into their smiling faces.  HALLELUJAH! Walter Sebastion appeared to be a god-like man worshipping his God.  No one knew the passion was in his shorts and on the beautiful woman beside him.  The harder he got ... the louder he got!  AMEN!!!!!

The woman smiled sweetly at him when he turned his head to look at her.  Walter Sebastian smiled back ... he could tell she felt something toward him ... he played on it.  He touched her hand, whispered, 'ain't life grand with God in it!'  She touched his hand back, whispered ... 'yes!'

Walter Sebastian closed his eyes and said, 'Amen, Sister!'  He couldn't wait to get some of that ... holy ... spirit.  Yes, Walter Sebastian felt like a bona-fide christian now ... the ones who sinned when everyone was looking the other way.

Oh, how Walter Sebastian smiled ... he was charming everyone.  He sure was handsome the woman thought.  She hoped he was single. Soon ... the preacher was calling people to come home to God ... come be saved.  Walter Sebastian stepped into the aisle ... walked to the preacher.  The preacher held his hand out to Walter and said, 'come ... my son'.  Walter Sebastian was thinking the same thing only in a different way.

Walter Sebastian walked up to the preacher and said, "I want to be saved from my sins.  He stopped, looked up to the ceiling and said, "I'm a sinner, Lord".  Oh, how the preacher beamed. This was what God called him to do ... save those nasty sinners!

He put his hand on Walter Sebastian's head ... shook it a time or two.  What's your name, son?  Walter Sebastian told him.  'Walter, God loves you!'

Amen!  Hallelujah! Say it like it is, Pastor!  Walter Sebastian could hear the congregation behind him.  They were getting into him getting saved ... so God could forgive his sins.  For just the tiniest of moments Walter felt something ... good.  Fuck that!  He didn't want to be good ... he felt it again.  He felt something fill his heart up ... Walter ... wanted to cry!

What the hell, Walter thought.  What is going on here?  The preacher had his hand on Walter's head ... the other hand in the air beseeching God to save this man.  People had congregated around Walter with the touching of hands ... Hallelujah!  God save this man!

The air was electric ... Walter could feel his hair stand on edge.  Damn ... he was going to get saved whether he wanted to or not!  The preacher slapped his shoulder ... I save you in the name of the Lord!  Walter Sebastian was confused ... he was such an awful person ... he hated everything ... he just came here pretending to get saved so he could get him a ... godly woman.

He went along with what was happening.  He wasn't going to be saved ... he was waiting for his chance to get out of this church ... woman or no woman.

He shook hands with everyone as he made his way out of the church.  He got to the door where the woman stood.  She was beautiful standing there in her soft, light blue dress.  It flowed about her shapely hips down to her ankles.  Her long hair was curly ... fluffy brown.  Their eyes met ... yep, there was an attraction alright.

She walked out with him into the parking lot.  They talked small talk ... each wanted to say more.  Walter Sebastian asked her would she be at church next Sunday.  Oh yes, she said ... she was at church every Sunday morning ... Sunday night and prayer meeting every Wednesday night!

For a few minutes Walter Sebastian let himself feel how it would be to be a christian.  He felt unusual happiness in his heart ... he wanted to have a woman ... settle down.  A woman like this one!  He didn't even know her name.  What is your name?  Maggie ... he loved the sound of her name.

Soon, Walter was driving away.  What just happened back there?  He didn't want to feel those good feelings ... how in the hell did that happen to him?  Walter was quickly getting in the mood to do something very bad ... fuck being good.

As Walter drove his new car to his new home ... a lot of thoughts filled his head.  Thoughts he didn't want to think.  He'd be glad to get home.  He just wanted to rest his brain.

An hour later found Walter Sebastian laying on his bed asleep.  He had taken only his shoes off ... he was mentally exhausted.  He'd think about things when he woke up.

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  1. Might be the Lord's will for Walter to be saved. Then again it is up to Walter whether he wants to be good or a bad person. Seems like Walter might have some surprises for us in the future! Love, Ms Nancy