Monday, April 30, 2012




Today my phone rang... I was very happy to hear from my cousin in Oregon. We talked for the longest time... I was amazed that I wished we lived close to each other. It seems we have so much in common. I could heart the passion in her voice, I recognized it... I have it for painting, colors, writing.

Colors, painting, paint brushes, art instructors... wire-wrapping jewelry. I was amazed that... she also, was so interested in everything that I loved. I enjoyed so much talking 'colors' with her. Our conversation had every color you could think of... in it.

I've been seeing some of her paintings... beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Maybe one day... I could paint something for her and she paint something for me.

I was so amazed when she said she was interested in wire-wrapping jewelry... you all know I was wire-wrapping for a while... making dragonflies in memory of Tommy. She loves the same things I love... I didn't ask her but, I'd bet she likes to do beaded jewelry, too! I have done alot of that, too. I love to 'free-style' and do all in my 'Gloria' way.... :)))

Another thing that amazed me was when she said she had discovered Donna Dewberry, One Stroke Painting! Oh my goodness... I've been in love with Donna Dewberry's painting techniques for many years! I do that when I do decorative painting. Wow.... I couldn't believe she loved so many of the things I truly love!

Linda, I sure enjoyed talking to you ... today. It was definitely the most colorful conversation I've ever had with you... I loved every minute of it! :)))



  1. If your cousin does as good as you do, she does a fantastic job!! Apparently it is a family talent. I know you do beautiful work on the dragon flies, painting things and art work! I have had the privilege of seeing all your work. I have also be honored that you painted my mailbox and my lighthouse and I have a dragonfly bookmark that I love dearly! Your work is very precious to me! Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. Ms Nancy, I'm going to admit that I think my cousin's painting is ..... for-real ..... better than mine! Truthfully, I was very impressed seeing her artwork. As a child, I remember seeing her draw. She's the only person in my family in my whole life whom I've ever held a 'colorful' conversation with, ha! How fun was that! We had the most in common than I've ever had with anyone related to me... I sat in amazement and a big smile on my face after talking to her. I thought 'how about that'!!! :)))